Thursday, January 8, 2015

In August 2013 I blogged about my father-In-law's house that we had to tear down, see here:

Funeral for a Friend

Now I can re-Blog an update on that property!

Ralph Hitchcock's original historic home

During Demolition

The New and Improved version

Ralph repurposed architectural pieces back into the new house

we learned this piece over the windows was called a pediment
shown here used inside the new sunroom

Because the brick was unfired, it was reused on places protected from the elements like the porch and 
interior walls of the sunroom

Unused brick was sold to a local brick mason 
to be used in the new 
Provo City Center Temple

These two pieces are now in the new stairway 
they were salvaged from the 
Springville South Main street 
chapel that was destroyed by fire
Ralph had been an LDS Bishop there

You may recognize some of these reused and reclaimed things from the old house

Mormon Oak mirror - Reading Chair Throne - Built In cabinet

On the fridge in Ralph's house is a note, typed by his mother on her old typewriter from her house in Buhl, Idaho: 
"Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without." 
These are words he believes and obviously lives by.

Ralph reads to one of the Lads

It was unfortunate to lose a historic part of the community, but fun to rebuild a home that is now a tribute to the old with many old things made new again!

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