Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Orange You Glad I didn't Say Banana?

Hi it's Jeff from the Rusty Ranch

Here's the story of an Orange Industrial re claimed warehouse cart, pictured here in it's first incarnation, a kitchen table using the 2 x 4 Reclaimed Oak top, and the base of the cart, and fork lift skids as legs.
But wait.....

Take the side rails and make another table, this one a coffee table using a half of a gas station sign, "Modern", 
the bottom has new rolling castors.

Hold the Phone....

My son asked if this was a "zombie apocalypse" garden gate.  The end piece of rail came from the original orange cart.  

You gotta love that natural aged orange patina!

There's more.....

Here's a Junk Art tractor, pulley wheels and various junk parts went into this tractor, the frame?  Another section of the fork lift skid from the original warehouse cart.

Had enough?

the posts on this bird feeder.......

and the wheels on this coffee table, all from the ware house cart.  

And lastly this may look familiar....

It's a twin to the Modern Coffee table. 
                       The other half with the Salt Lake address                                                            
 I guess I live the old adage:  

Use it Up, Wear it Out, Make it Do or Do Without!

Keep On Junkin'!!

Jeff Carter

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