Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Nāzys Nest update!

This last week was so much fun here at Nazy's Nest. Since we are a family based business we were able to spend some much needed time with our family all while doing what we love. Devan and Rachel came from New Mexico and made the 13 hour drive to come help us get ready for the nest fest. Elle and Devin came from Roosevelt Utah 3.5 hours away. Aubrey and Spencer have been working their tails off day in and day out here in Monroe to make this dream a reality. And I have been working hard right along with them.  Our family was able to come together and work to create a store in just a few short days. Out of a small dance studio! 

Years ago I illustrated scrapbook paper and one of my favorite sayings was "Love what you do!". We have turned that into a reality and can't believe how in love we are with our new store. It's coming a long, and we wouldn't have imagined a year ago we would be where we are now. Even though we weren't able to be in the store on Center Street in Monroe, we were still able to spend a few days in a rented building for Black Friday and Super Saturday. The support we received was unbelievable!!!! We would not be where we are with out all of you! We love the support we receive and the smiles we get to enjoy! And can't wait to do it day after day! Our building is so close! We are waiting on the electrical and plumbing and then we can get busy with the sheet rock and muddling. We are so anxious and really can't wait to share what we have in store for all of you! 

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