Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Orange You Glad I didn't Say Banana?

Hi it's Jeff from the Rusty Ranch

Here's the story of an Orange Industrial re claimed warehouse cart, pictured here in it's first incarnation, a kitchen table using the 2 x 4 Reclaimed Oak top, and the base of the cart, and fork lift skids as legs.
But wait.....

Take the side rails and make another table, this one a coffee table using a half of a gas station sign, "Modern", 
the bottom has new rolling castors.

Hold the Phone....

My son asked if this was a "zombie apocalypse" garden gate.  The end piece of rail came from the original orange cart.  

You gotta love that natural aged orange patina!

There's more.....

Here's a Junk Art tractor, pulley wheels and various junk parts went into this tractor, the frame?  Another section of the fork lift skid from the original warehouse cart.

Had enough?

the posts on this bird feeder.......

and the wheels on this coffee table, all from the ware house cart.  

And lastly this may look familiar....

It's a twin to the Modern Coffee table. 
                       The other half with the Salt Lake address                                                            
 I guess I live the old adage:  

Use it Up, Wear it Out, Make it Do or Do Without!

Keep On Junkin'!!

Jeff Carter

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Old Weathered Boat Technique

The Old Weathered Boat Technique

Brought to you by Denise Madron with 'The Vintage Pelican'

 Close your eyes and imagine an old row boat.  One that gets painted year after year and then when no longer in use...it sits, abandoned, out in the elements; the wind, the rain, the sun, the cold, the sea....and over time...it starts to weather...and chip. 
All that chippy goodness...mmmm.. 
Hey!...not like chocolatey chippy goodness....
more like vintage-y chippy goodness! 
Sheesh!...You with me?!?  Focus!
Do you still have your eyes closed? 
Can you see it?
A Weathered Boat
(I'd post a pic here...but I couldn't find one that WASN'T copyrighted so we'll continue to use our imaginations)
  Today, I'm going to show you how to replicate that chippy look without having to wait forever for it to age naturally.  Just follow this picture tutorial and then check out other projects that I did using this same technique.
What I use to get this look: 
  • 4 to 5 different Colors of Paint (I prefer Annie Sloan Chalk Paint [ASCP], because that's my go-to paint,  however I'm sure you could use just about any brand or kind)
  • Paper Plates
  • Water Bowl
  • Paper Towels
  • Paint Brush
  • Paint Spatula (or use a scraper)
  • Scraper (metal or plastic)
  • Wax or a Sealer (depending upon the project)


Using the Weathered Boat Technique
 These tin letters were purchased at a local decor store.  I loved the letters... I loved the look but I wasn't in love with the color.  It was a wha...wha...wha...wrong
Here's exactly what they looked like prior to starting this project.

...but again wrong color....so let's make them marvelous! 
Aside from prepping for your project (collecting supplies) you should always first start with a clean and dry painting surface. 
Once that is done follow these steps in this order:
STEP 1 - The 1st coat. Ask yourself....do you want to totally cover up the red (I'm using my project as an example) and have your first coat of paint be your base color?  If the answer is no and you don't mind seeing the original surface color or wood...skip this step and move on to STEP 2.  However, with this particular project the answer is YES!  I don't want to see ANY red!  So...I will just apply the 1st coat (ASCP Graphite) as I would paint anything else.  This tin surface is not readily absorbent, like porous wood...so I will apply a thin coat and a regular second coat letting it dry completely before moving on to STEP 2. (of course I must insert here that Chalk Paint adheres better than most anything...so using chalk paint on projects like this is ideal!)

ASCP Graphite painted over the original red surface.
Not completely dry...hence the variation in color.
STEP 2 - Pour the next two or three colors (the order of colors should be decided on before you start)...onto separate paper plates.  Be sure to pour enough needed to cover your project.  Once poured you want to let these sit out and thicken before applying them to the surface of your project.  You can see in the pic below that I have an assortment of colors in various stages of drying.  I did that on purpose. 
And please note: Don't let the paint dry fully!  Pay attention!!!  You do however want a nice thick glob of paint. With ASCP...I'd say 12 to 20 minutes (depending upon temperature and humidity)...but with any other paint you will have to experiment.
  Another must is to always have your drink of choice readily available because sometimes standing around waiting for these things to thicken is exhausting!! 

STEP 3 - Using a paint spatula (or scraper...or even a real spatula) glop on a thin layer of thickened paint.  I used ASCP Provence.  Spread it out with your spatula and frost it...like a cake.  Then let it dry for about 10 to 15 minutes. 

Doesn't it look yummy?

STEP 4, 5 & 6 - Repeat STEP 3 each time using a different color.

Once done with the last paint application it should look like this.


This project has 5 coats of paint over the initial red color.
You can choose how many coats you want...but I'd say 4 or 5.

STEP 7 - Let the last coat dry about 90%...then take your scraper and start scraping off the paint.   You'll want to take off about 90% of the last coat.  And then smaller percentages for each layer down.  In this instance, I DID NOT want to see ANY red so I had be very careful to not go past that very first coat of Graphite.  However if you are okay with going down to the original color or the bare wood...have at it! 

All scraped and to my liking.  I preferred to have more white and gray show through so it's perfect for me. 
However...you may prefer to take off more...and that's what's so great about this...it's totally up to you.

Please note:  Do not let any portion of this project, in any stage...dry overnight.  If you do...the paint will be much much MUCH harder to scrape off!  Give yourself plenty of time!
 STEP 8 - Wax or seal the project if you think that it will be something that will be handled, or exposed to any sort of things that may harm the finish (in a bad way).  In this particular case, I did not seal this and instead chose to save my precious wax. 
STEP 9 - I glued and screwed the letters into a prepared reclaimed wood sign but the screws were exposed...and stuck out like a sore thumb!  What do you do with those hideous  screws that are shiny and new?  Don't leave them!Paint them...old weathered boat' style!  
A big glop or two should do the trick!

AFTER... Where did it go?
Project Finished and Hung

Here are some other examples of this technique:
Whales - I used the same technique but at a smaller scale.  I did not want to waste a lot of paint, because essentially you are glopping it on...then scraping more than half of it off.  So instead of doing that and covering the entire board ...I did sporadic coverage making sure to overlap the different colors.
ASCP Provence, Pure White, Graphite and French Linen

ASCP Graphite, Pure White, French Linen, Paris Gray

Reclaimed Wood Sign: Prior to building this sign I used the WB (Weathered Boat) technique on only one fence post. I actually set this board to the side in my workshop...and as I finished other projects...I would glop the unused thickened paint onto this board...knowing that one day...I would use it for something.  And here it is...

ASCP Graphite, Pure White, French Linen and Paris Gray

So if you like what you see...try it out...just make sure to keep your eyes open, eat lots of chocolate-y chip cookies and chip to your hearts delight! 

OH!...and please be sure to stop by my facebook page @ The Vintage Pelican to share your completed WB projects! 
I'd really love to see them!
 Happy Weather Boating!! 

♥ Denise

Denise Madron is from Saratoga Springs, Utah.
The Vintage Pelican that was initially inspired by the need to recycle her own home décor, has now turned in to a full-fledged business where she shares her adventures of restoring, restyling and re-loving unique items.  She now shares stories and pictures from all of the items that she shops, finds and restores from local flea markets, vintage shows, and antique shops.  Quite a few of her finds, after being re-loved, make their way onto her sales page.  She says, her niche is the lake; the love of the water.  Coastal décor, lake décor, ocean décor…it’s what she tends to gravitate towards and hopes that is what makes her stand out from other Utah businesses.
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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Nāzys Nest update!

This last week was so much fun here at Nazy's Nest. Since we are a family based business we were able to spend some much needed time with our family all while doing what we love. Devan and Rachel came from New Mexico and made the 13 hour drive to come help us get ready for the nest fest. Elle and Devin came from Roosevelt Utah 3.5 hours away. Aubrey and Spencer have been working their tails off day in and day out here in Monroe to make this dream a reality. And I have been working hard right along with them.  Our family was able to come together and work to create a store in just a few short days. Out of a small dance studio! 

Years ago I illustrated scrapbook paper and one of my favorite sayings was "Love what you do!". We have turned that into a reality and can't believe how in love we are with our new store. It's coming a long, and we wouldn't have imagined a year ago we would be where we are now. Even though we weren't able to be in the store on Center Street in Monroe, we were still able to spend a few days in a rented building for Black Friday and Super Saturday. The support we received was unbelievable!!!! We would not be where we are with out all of you! We love the support we receive and the smiles we get to enjoy! And can't wait to do it day after day! Our building is so close! We are waiting on the electrical and plumbing and then we can get busy with the sheet rock and muddling. We are so anxious and really can't wait to share what we have in store for all of you! 

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