Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"We Make It Do" Before and After

I don't know about you, but my favorite thing about furniture refinishing is seeing a piece of furniture transform from a drab, tacky or nearly destroyed piece into a beautiful, functional showpiece!
Sometimes my refinishing is just that... REFINISHING. An update. New paint or fabric. New, but nothing super special. But recently, I came across this gorgeous girl and she was screaming for a MAKEOVER! Something new, completely different & FABULOUS!

SO....that's what she got!
This Antique Eastlake Ladies Chair was in great condition except for a few scratches, stains and a burn in the fabric.
I put my sweet dad to work removing all of the trim, fabric, staples and tacks!
Underneath that rusty red velvet was a plethora of padding. The Padding included springs, horsehair, foam & batting. The bones and muscle were in great shape! I gave her a coat of cream paint and a good amount of distressing. This really brought out the details in the wood. 

Photo: A work in Progress....this will be for sale when I'm done! She's gonna be LOVELY! :)

I chose a beautiful light aqua blue and cream damask duck cloth to upholster this lady in. It was a durable, heavy duty fabric with a sophisticated pattern. The trim I chose was a wide cream satin. It was the perfect addition to this gorgeous gal!

Here's the final product! I'd say it's fit for a queen!...or princess at least! :) 
If you're interested in purchasing this chair or seeing any of my other refinishing projects check out my facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/wemakeitdo 

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Jami Ray, New Owner of Reclaimologists and Other Crafty Chicks

It has been a crazy month here at Reclaimologists since Shannon asked me to take over running the group but I have loved every minute of it. We have so many things coming up that are exciting!!
We've already added five new members to our group;  
Our fall extravaganza is coming up November 8 at the Veterans Memorial building in Spanish Fork.  

And today we unveiled the new logo and look for Reclaimologists.
 With all these things to look forward to, it's going to be a crazy ride here at Reclaimologists. Put on your seat-belt, hold on and come along with us to see just what we can do!!

For those of you that don't know me already, I am Jami Ray with Jami Ray Vintage. Now I am the new owner of Reclaimologists and Other Crafty Chicks. I have five kids my youngest being just over a month old and my oldest being 12.  

My kids are active in sports, my oldest is the starting center for his football team and both of my daughters do competitive dance. I am all over the place but I wouldn't have it any other way. I currently live in Lehi, my neighbors all know me as a lady who's always painting furniture (my garage is full of it). They thought it was especially fun to watch me nine months pregnant bending over upholstering, sanding, painting and doing all manner of reclaiming furniture. Painting is my Zen place :)

- Jami Ray