Thursday, June 5, 2014

Trash to Treasure - French Laundry Press

Hello, Reclaimologist friends.  Its Paula here, of  flea.o.logy,
the awesome flea market in Payson that happens three
times a summer. 

Today I would to like to share a favorite make over blog
post of mine from my Pollyanna Blog. 

This is how the cupboard looked when I found

 it at an estate sale.  The door was broken, and
 whatever was originally in the window was missing.
  My DH repaired the door, and I filled the splintered
 wood with wood putty.

First I deglossed the mahogany finish, as it was

 still in pretty good shape and new paint would
 not have stayed put.  I use paint stripper to do
 my deglossing, though sanding always works too.
 Deglossing with paint stripper is easy, you just wipe
 it on, then emmediately off, and voila you have a
 sufface to which paint will stick.    

Next I painted it, with two coats of paint. Then I filled
the window with a diamond shaped mesh. 

Last of all I transferred this great French Clothier's 
signage onto the front of the door.  It mentions all 
kinds of French unmentionables, and I thought the 
cupboard would be perfect for someone to use as a 
lingerie cupboard ... of course it could also be used 
as a linen press!

I show how to transfer the french signage in 
another blog.  It includes reverse printing the graphic.  

As usual, I am indebted to Graphics Fairy 
for the great signage.  Karen has a remarkable 
selection of various French business signs, labels, 
logos and letterheads, all of which look great on 
painted furniture.  

Thanks for coming along to check out my reinvention project!

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