Friday, May 2, 2014

Quick Lamp Up-cycle/Redo

Hi my name is Cathy and I have a lighting addiction. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE lighting! I have way too many lamps and lighting fixtures and some of them don't even work. But, what good is a lamp that doesn't work? So...... today I'm gonna show ya'll how to do a quick lamp up-cycle/redo.

I started with an old lamp that I bought at a thrift store for a couple of bucks.  It was scratched and cracked on the side and the power cord  no longer worked. It had a cool shape though and I knew I could make it function again! After patching the crack and sanding the scratches out with a 120 grit sand paper, I headed over to Home Depot for a lamp kit. The one I got was about $12 and included more than everything I needed for my project.

I removed the top of the lamp (the part that you screw the light bulb into) exposing the wires.

 I unknotted the wires and pulled the old cord out the bottom of the lamp. I also removed the other hardware pieces so that I could add the new wire and hardware and paint the lamp. (These should just screw off).

At this point, I spray painted my base and let it dry for about 15 min. before feeding the new wire through the bottom of the lamp base.

After feeding the new wire through the base I added a neck piece and the harp bottom. 

Keeping the wires separated, I added the socket cap on top of the harp bottom and screwed it into place. (At this point, it is very important to follow the instructions on the lamp kit package. You don't want to cross the wires or your lamp will NOT work!) I tied the wire in an underwriters knot and attached the appropriate ends of the wire to the coordinating screws on the socket interior and tightened the screws down. I was then able to add the socket shell. 

After adding the socket shell I tested the lamps power with a new bulb and added the lamp harp.

YAY! it worked! 

Add the shade and your set!

This project was probably a 1 and 1/2 Hr. project start to finish including the patching and sanding and painting. I would give this project a 3 on difficulty. Pretty easy. My 11 yr. old son could do this project no problem!
Please feel free to contact me (Cathy: 801-361-8009 if you have questions about this post and please go check out all of my other projects on Facebook! 

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  1. Perfect! I need a lamp. Where did you get your lamp shade? Love it!