Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Our take on My Savvy Sister Chalk Paint Dust

We have been so excited about announcing that we are now distributors of My Savvy Sister Chalk Paint Dust!  

We thought we would share with you all of the reasons why we love it so much.  
First off the lovely creators of the dust and owners of the company sisters Debbie and Vickie are adorable and just the sweetest ladies you could ever meet but come on that doesn't always equal out to a great product right?  

So here is the low down on why we now sell the dust. 
When we started this furniture painting frenzy a year and a half ago we tried it all.  We sanded our guts out, bought expensive primers, stripped pieces with chemicals and then we were introduced to chalk paint.  It took so much work out of each project and we loved that of course!  One of the things we try to do is purchase good quality pieces at a good price, refinish them at an affordable cost then pass the savings onto our customers.  The cost of the chalk paint we were using did not fit into that plan for us.

Then we found My Savvy Sisters Chalk Paint Dust.  Honestly we were skeptical because we are true believers in good quality and you get what you pay for.  So they sent us a sample to try out for ourselves.  We were impressed to say the least! 
 You mix the dust with boiling water then mix it into any flat laytex paint.  It gives the paint the chalky look that we all love.

We have tried all of the DIY pinterest recipes and they do not end up with a really beautiful good paint.  This dust DOES!  You end up with a beautiful smooth paint that in our opinion is just as good as the chalk paints on the market.  We end up with the results we like and our pieces are gorgeous!  The paint is durable and lives up to every expectation!  Now you may be thinking hmmm can this be true?  Well in that case all we can say is try it for yourself!  That's what we did.

We painted the roosters, arrow and both hutches with My Savvy Sister Chalk Paint Dust
A few things to know about My Savvy Sister Chalk Paint Dust
~It costs $13 a box and can be mixed into 2 quarts of paint.  Our average quart of finished chalk paint dust costs us $13.50 when we use the Sherwin Williams sample quarts.
~It can be brushed on or sprayed through a paint gun.
~You can finish it with anything!  Wax, lacquer, varnish, polyurethane, it can be done!
~With the dust your color options are as limited as every color chip in the world.  Seriously pick a color at your paint store then make your paint.  Easy as that for real, yeah we know we got excited at this point too! 

If you want to try it out you can get it from us HERE and we are more than happy to answer any questions you might have. 
Happy Painting!
Shannon & Mandy

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