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Practical Reclaiming

Okay!  It's not hard to figure out that Vintage stuff needs to come from Somewhere!  

Yard sales, Estate Sales, Vintage stores and Antique stores are great.

But don't forget that Thrift Stores can be a 
Goldmine of Useful things!


At Deseret Industries, you've gotta be quick to catch the vintage stuff! If you go home to 
"think about it", 
It'll be gone when you get back!

The DI has locked cases filled with "collectibles" but the Provo store sometimes goes a little crazy on pricing their collectibles.
"Buyer Beware"! Ha ha!

The "Yard" section of DI is one of my favorite places to look for things I can re-purpose

This piano lamp base came from DI, the vintage tea pot came from Treasures Antique Mall.

Proper DI etiquette is NOT tearing an item out of someone else's hands! And, Not frightening the workers to death by lunging for something on their cart. 

Play Nice!

Another of my favorite haunts is the ReStore in Orem, and the new ReStore in Spanish Fork 
pictured here, celebrating their one year anniversary this month

They have New-in-Package items sometimes and a lot of "gently used", or just clearance construction stuff!  Name Brands usually, and at a fraction of the retail prices. 

 Doors and Windows
Electrical & Plumbing 

Paint and supplies, tools and hardware and much more than I can mention here!

 The spinning mechanism for this windmill came from the ReStore!

Both Deseret Industries and the ReStore are 
Non-Profit Organizations. (the LDS church and Habitat for Humanity) So an added "thrifty" bonus of shopping there is: No Sales Tax!

At the ReStore I purchase many everyday things like incandescent lights and florescent tubes and ballasts for my home and business.  ReStore is a real hardware store but you have to check periodically to see what is in stock.

Other Thrift Stores are a great source of useful things and vintage finds.
Pak Rats is a thrift store on South State Road in Provo

This Rooster Clock was less than $15.00 at 
Pak Rats 

and simply
needed a little TLC, 
a new clock kit from Hobby Lobby 
and some old rusty wire!

Be Brave my little Darlings and go out and 
Find Stuff!

thanks for visiting the Blog

Jeff Carter from 
the Rusty Ranch

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