Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Epoxy Table Finish - The Sanity Saver!

Do you have one of those "Stylish" tables with cracks down the middle?!?!  They are pretty to look at, but when it comes to cleaning them they are the pits!  Seriously who ever came up with this design?  And who would buy a table with cracks down it!?!


I purchased my "cracked" table before I had my 3 oh-so-cute little terrorizers.  I am the mother of 3 crazy and fun little boys and a table with cracks in it was pure torture to clean.

Friends! There is an amazing table finish called Epoxy aka "The Sanity Saver!"

Epoxy is a 2 part formula that is mixed together and hardens over 72 hours.  It is glass like in looks, but extremely durable and EASY TO CLEAN!!

Parks Super Glaze. You can purchase this at your local home depot.  It is about $25/box. I used 2 boxes for my center table top (roughly 4'x4').  It is pricey, but sooo worth it!

Mix the formula together (As per box instructions)

Carefully tape off your table top.  The glaze is very runny, so tightly tape off any edges you do not want to be glazed.

Pour your mixed glaze into the table surface.

 Spread the liquid using a squeegee from the dollar store.  Epoxy is not something you want to wash in the sink, so just plan on using disposable items. The epoxy will  self settle, so don't worry too much if it is leaving little divots or marks.  Just get it as even as you can, and it will slowly fill in.

 Overflow is totally fine, just use your squeegee to pull in the majority of it.

There may be some bubbles in the epoxy.  Set your hairdryer on low-heat, low-flow and blow air onto the epoxy. This will cause the bubbles to rise to the surface and insure the finished coat is clear.

Wipe up overflow with a "disposable" towel. You will need to do this several times until the gel starts to settle in the crack and stops overflowing.

Once it has settled, remove the tape around the edges of the table top.
awww, isn't it beautiful!! 

I did mine at night so the table could sit without anyone bothering it.  And if a little one does happen to reach up and dig his fingers into the top - DON'T FREAK OUT (like I did)!!  Unlike box directions, the epoxy is workable far longer than the 20 minutes it states.  Their small fingerprints will melt away as the epoxy settles :) 

Just let the epoxy do it's thing and go to bed!

Once dry (after about 8 hours) peel away the center tape.  Mine had formed "peaks" in the center of the table. Use a razor blade and cut away the excess.
 Then, using ultra fine sand paper, lightly sand the edge until it is smooth.

Be gentle with your table for a few days. Epoxy hardens over the course of 3 days and will come to a rock hard - glass like state.  I just kept my chairs in the other room for a few days to protect it.

Here it is! The most stress-free, indestructible top you can get with a table set!  Worth every penny.  You will absolutely love your new easy to clean table. 

 Keep the look and your sanity too ;)
Chelsea Evans
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  1. Did you paint your table those colors or just epoxy it? I want to paint my table those exact colors. If so what paint colors did you use?

  2. Did you paint your table those colors or just epoxy it? I want to paint my table those exact colors. If so what paint colors did you use?

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