Monday, April 28, 2014

Sweet Agave Lime Chicken Marinade Recipe

Hi It's Shannon here!
I thought I would share a favorite recipe today of ours today.  
During the summer we try to grill as much as possible and even though it's still a little chilly here in Utah I though we should at least get prepared!   The following recipe is a test that turned out OH SO GOOD!!!! I love marinades especially if they are easy and fast. 

Agave has become a staple around my house.  I started using it after my amazing friend Susan introduced me to it.  Since then I use it in place of honey most all of the time because I love it!  If you do not have agave or want to use honey instead I am sure it would work just fine.

When I make a marinade I make a large batch because I want to make sure everything gets covered and that I have plenty to baste with.  If you are marinating less chicken I would recommend cutting the recipe down.  This one is for about 5 pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breast.

Shannon's Sweet Agave Lime Chicken Marinade
2/3 cup Soy Sauce
1/2 cup Agave
1/4 cup Olive Oil
1 teaspoon Red Pepper Flakes
4 teaspoons Minced Garlic
1/2 cup Chopped Cilantro
Juice of 4 Limes
5 pounds boneless, skinless Chicken Breast

Marinate at least one hour, grill and Enjoy!
This can also be baked at 375 covered for 30 minutes, baste and uncover 
for 20 or until done. 

Now invite your friends over for a BBQ! 

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pallet Wood Arrows

Hi Everybody!  Dru here from Polka Dot Poplars.  My daughters and I love to create and one of the most popular posts in our history has been Jessica's pallet wood arrows.  So, I thought I would share the tutorial on how she made them.

  • First we dismantled a pallet.
  • Then we cut 2 boards 24 inches long.
  • Now the pink arrows point is 9 inches wide cut at a 45 degree angle and 7 inched long the first tip is 4 inches long, just to give you an idea.
  • Each tail on the pink arrow is 6 inches long cut at a 45 degree angle.
  • Each of the white arrows tail pieces are 2 and 1/4 inches wide cut at 45 degree angle.
  • I sketched the tip of the arrow to what I thought looked good and cut it out with a jig saw.
  • The rest of the wood was cut with a chop saw.


  • I then glued all the pieces together with some gorilla glue and let it sit for 4 hours. ( I hate waiting!)
  • I painted the pink one with some acrylic paint I had on hand and the white one I Mod Podged some vintage wallpaper on to it. I really loved the way the natural wood looked too, but I had this idea in my mind and I went with that first. The next one I do I will just leave alone.
  • Then I attached some alligator brackets on the back to hang them on the wall.

Thats it!


My hubby was skeptical at first but I think he likes the way they turned out, too.  He even likes the pink! :)

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Epoxy Table Finish - The Sanity Saver!

Do you have one of those "Stylish" tables with cracks down the middle?!?!  They are pretty to look at, but when it comes to cleaning them they are the pits!  Seriously who ever came up with this design?  And who would buy a table with cracks down it!?!


I purchased my "cracked" table before I had my 3 oh-so-cute little terrorizers.  I am the mother of 3 crazy and fun little boys and a table with cracks in it was pure torture to clean.

Friends! There is an amazing table finish called Epoxy aka "The Sanity Saver!"

Epoxy is a 2 part formula that is mixed together and hardens over 72 hours.  It is glass like in looks, but extremely durable and EASY TO CLEAN!!

Parks Super Glaze. You can purchase this at your local home depot.  It is about $25/box. I used 2 boxes for my center table top (roughly 4'x4').  It is pricey, but sooo worth it!

Mix the formula together (As per box instructions)

Carefully tape off your table top.  The glaze is very runny, so tightly tape off any edges you do not want to be glazed.

Pour your mixed glaze into the table surface.

 Spread the liquid using a squeegee from the dollar store.  Epoxy is not something you want to wash in the sink, so just plan on using disposable items. The epoxy will  self settle, so don't worry too much if it is leaving little divots or marks.  Just get it as even as you can, and it will slowly fill in.

 Overflow is totally fine, just use your squeegee to pull in the majority of it.

There may be some bubbles in the epoxy.  Set your hairdryer on low-heat, low-flow and blow air onto the epoxy. This will cause the bubbles to rise to the surface and insure the finished coat is clear.

Wipe up overflow with a "disposable" towel. You will need to do this several times until the gel starts to settle in the crack and stops overflowing.

Once it has settled, remove the tape around the edges of the table top.
awww, isn't it beautiful!! 

I did mine at night so the table could sit without anyone bothering it.  And if a little one does happen to reach up and dig his fingers into the top - DON'T FREAK OUT (like I did)!!  Unlike box directions, the epoxy is workable far longer than the 20 minutes it states.  Their small fingerprints will melt away as the epoxy settles :) 

Just let the epoxy do it's thing and go to bed!

Once dry (after about 8 hours) peel away the center tape.  Mine had formed "peaks" in the center of the table. Use a razor blade and cut away the excess.
 Then, using ultra fine sand paper, lightly sand the edge until it is smooth.

Be gentle with your table for a few days. Epoxy hardens over the course of 3 days and will come to a rock hard - glass like state.  I just kept my chairs in the other room for a few days to protect it.

Here it is! The most stress-free, indestructible top you can get with a table set!  Worth every penny.  You will absolutely love your new easy to clean table. 

 Keep the look and your sanity too ;)
Chelsea Evans
Character Revival

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Bertha the Vintage School Cabinet turned Hutch

This is one of my favorite transformations, I named her Bertha. She started out a vintage cabinet from a school.

I added crown molding and a few wood appliques. Then I took off the handles and locks and puttied up the holes. Then she got a light sand. I painted her back with mint chalk paint. Once she was dry I taped off stripes and I painted the base of the cabinet. Then this happened....

He (my husband) said there was enough room for two bodies, too much CSI, LOL. Then I painted her doors and shelves. Bertha got a light distress with sand paper, a wipe of light stain and a wax finish. She's was stunning at almost 7' tall an 4' wide.  She's been in her new home for a while.  But if you ever see an old cabinet with glass doors just think of the possibilities!

Check out my FB page Jami Ray Vintage to see all of the items I have for sale! 

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Few Tips about Sweet Pickins Milk Paint

Hi it's Debbi from Tattered Butterfly.  It's true I love Sweet Pickins Milk Paint.  For 6 years I painted most of my furniture with latex.  I tried other paints too but I always went back to latex paint.  The one problem I was having is I could distress with latex but I couldn't get the old chippy look.  I wanted do what takes nature many years to achieve.  Worn and loved pieces.    

Sweet Pickins paint is so fun to work with but there is un-predictability with this paint.  I've had a few pieces where it all chipped off.  Yes, it can be disheartening to have it all chip off but you can repaint it.  If your a type "A" person and like to have all you ducks in row so to speak.  I'm a reformed type"A" and I get it.  It still creeps back sometimes.  Living with a chronic illness has taught me a lot!  I understand your plight.  Especially when comes to painting. 

What I recommend when you purchase your Sweet Pickins Milk Paint is to buy the Extra Bond.  This is how I was able to get used to the paint.

Add water and stir.  I usually use a craft stick and a plastic cup. 

For a half cup of paint I use a tablespoon or so and mix it right in the paint.  What I have learned is to start with Extra Bond and then slowly taper off.  I started off with some nesting tables and put a 1/4 of cup of bond into about 1 cup of paint. That was a lot of bond.  They barely distressed or chipped.   

Tips for using bond:

1.  You only have to use the bond on the first coat.  The second coat doesn't have bond in it. 
2.  If you leave your paint for more than 30-45 you may need to add a little more bond for your first coat.  The bond loses its bonding ability the longer it stays out.
3.  If you want a light distressed look light sand.  Use 220.  Heavily distressed use 180.
4.  If you want a chippy finish or more distressing use a less bond.  Use a paint scraper..  Use small pulling motions.  If you do big strokes you can end with big scratches that may not be your look.  You can buy it at local hardware store. 

Porous surfaces- raw wood.  Raw wood won't chip or distress much.  The paint soaks into the wood.  It gives a more stained color look.

Non-porous surfaces- Painted wood, glass, metal, or Polyurethaned or varnished pieces are more likely to chip and distress.  If you choose not to use Sweet Pickins Extra Bond on these type of materials you can have were it's really chippy or all chips off.  Sometimes I choose to go that way.   

In this situation I usually add a splash of bond.  If it is a high gloss piece of furniture or really old varnish I use bond 1/4 cup to 1 1/2 cups of paint. I can always go back and us a paint scraper.  If you want no chippy at all use all use up to 1/2 cup of Extra Bond to 1.5 cups of paint. 

I have painted over many previously painted pieces and haven't had to use much bond. 

Pieces I've done with Sweet Pickins Milk Paint.

No Extra Bond 

This had thick shiny varnish on this bookshelf.  I used Extra Bond on this.

Extra Bond Used and then sanded.

Extra Bond Used.

No Extra Bond used.  This had been sanded before so there was raw wood exposed.  Gives a more stained look.

Used Extra Bond just a little bit.  

No bonded used.  Very old varnish and I was able to get a very chippy finish.

Used Extra Bond.

Hopefully this answers a lot of questions.  Sweet Pickins Milk Paint is amazing.  You can get many different looks with one type of paint.  I love that about this paint.  If you have any questions, feel free comment below.

Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful.


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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

 Hey. It's Jeff! 
On Today's Blog

Practical Reclaiming

Okay!  It's not hard to figure out that Vintage stuff needs to come from Somewhere!  

Yard sales, Estate Sales, Vintage stores and Antique stores are great.

But don't forget that Thrift Stores can be a 
Goldmine of Useful things!


At Deseret Industries, you've gotta be quick to catch the vintage stuff! If you go home to 
"think about it", 
It'll be gone when you get back!

The DI has locked cases filled with "collectibles" but the Provo store sometimes goes a little crazy on pricing their collectibles.
"Buyer Beware"! Ha ha!

The "Yard" section of DI is one of my favorite places to look for things I can re-purpose

This piano lamp base came from DI, the vintage tea pot came from Treasures Antique Mall.

Proper DI etiquette is NOT tearing an item out of someone else's hands! And, Not frightening the workers to death by lunging for something on their cart. 

Play Nice!

Another of my favorite haunts is the ReStore in Orem, and the new ReStore in Spanish Fork 
pictured here, celebrating their one year anniversary this month

They have New-in-Package items sometimes and a lot of "gently used", or just clearance construction stuff!  Name Brands usually, and at a fraction of the retail prices. 

 Doors and Windows
Electrical & Plumbing 

Paint and supplies, tools and hardware and much more than I can mention here!

 The spinning mechanism for this windmill came from the ReStore!

Both Deseret Industries and the ReStore are 
Non-Profit Organizations. (the LDS church and Habitat for Humanity) So an added "thrifty" bonus of shopping there is: No Sales Tax!

At the ReStore I purchase many everyday things like incandescent lights and florescent tubes and ballasts for my home and business.  ReStore is a real hardware store but you have to check periodically to see what is in stock.

Other Thrift Stores are a great source of useful things and vintage finds.
Pak Rats is a thrift store on South State Road in Provo

This Rooster Clock was less than $15.00 at 
Pak Rats 

and simply
needed a little TLC, 
a new clock kit from Hobby Lobby 
and some old rusty wire!

Be Brave my little Darlings and go out and 
Find Stuff!

thanks for visiting the Blog

Jeff Carter from 
the Rusty Ranch

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