Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dresser 101 with Jami Ray Vintage

So I do a lot of dressers.  A lot........  I love them, they have so many uses and it seems that people always need them.  I often get asked how I finish a dresser.  All dressers are not created equal, and I often have to change up techniques.  Today I am sharing how to paint, distress, and wax a basic dresser that's in good shape.

Here is my before:

 Whoever painted it used a polyurathane that was drippy and yellowed.  Yuck.  But the Bones are good, and I love the hardware.

First things first.  

I busted out my trusty sander, and my 80 grit sand paper.  Careful 80 grit works fast so use a light touch and pay attention so you don't sand too much.  Since I am going to use a paint with primer, I just need to sand off the yucky polyurethane.  No need to sand all the way down to the wood.  Just get rid of the shine, and get a smooth surface.

I like to use Glidden or Behr paint with primer.  I just brush it on.  Its a little thick and you have to work fast, but it sticks well and covers in a few coats. 

 Here is a picture of just one coat:

You'll notice my garage is not clean, I am crafty, not a cleaner.  And I may have a furniture hoarding problem.  But that's another post entirely, so try to ignore my clutter.  But hopefully you will also notice how well one coat covers.  

Here is a picture after two coats and a light distressing with my sanding block:

To finish it off I hand buffed on a coat of wax.  Here is the brand I use:

And the moment you have all been waiting for.....

Here is the after:

I did this dresser in a day start to finish.  I did remove the decor right after I took the picture.  You should always wait a few days to put stuff on your finished dresser until the wax has cured a little bit.  It will completely cure in 30 days, you should have a finish that will be durable and strong.  

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May All Your Re-do Dreams Come True,
Jami Ray

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