Thursday, February 20, 2014

Transferring Antique Labels with Mod Podge Tutorial

Hi all, its Paula from flea.o.logy.  I also write a three times weekly blog,

 called Pollyanna-reinvents, this blog post is a reprint from that blog.

I thought I would share this set of canisters that I bought because 
I loved the metal stand.  Lots of sanding and three coats of paint and
 they were ready to go.

Next I needed to trim the reverse printed labels and get them read to
 be applied. 

I brushed them with Modpodge on the face, then applied them
 face down to the canisters.  Pressing them firmly into place.  
Don't you love the residue of both black and white spray pain
t on my fingernails and fingers?  Well, that's what I do!!

After applying the labels I allow them to dry for at least an hour.
  I have noticed that if the paper layer closest to the item is still
 wet it is more apt to come off with the top layer I am trying to
 take off, thus the wait time.

When the paper is dry through, I dampen a small area with a 
cloth or sponge, maybe an inch square and work quickly, if I 
wet too much, it soaks through to the bottom, and I have the
 same problem as when I don't allow it to dry, the bottom layer,
 with the design, comes off too.  Now with the one square inch 
dampened I start to rub away the top layers of paper, as seen
 above, revealing the graphic underneath.  When I have
 removed all I want to remove, and not too much, I allow it to dry.

After it is dry I lightly sand it with fine sand paper to make it
 smooth.  Then I spray on a clear coat on top to make it water 
proof, a few light coats is best. 

As you can see sometimes I loose a bit of the design here 
or there.  I think this adds to the aged look of the pieces,
 as long as it is not too much, or takes off an important word
 or design element.  When this happens, I print off another
 design, and cut out the missing part I want and repeat the
 process, just with that bit.

Here are the finished canisters.  Because the labels refer to
 varied industries, such as perfume, underwear and food, I
 think they could be used anywhere you have need for some
 attractive storage.

Here they are shown in a bedroom, on a dresser, where they
 could hold assorted jewelry, makeup or pin sand clips.  In a
 craft room they could be used for scissors, glue, tape, pens,
 or markers, well, the list is endless. 

Thanks for coming along for this tutorial.  I hope you enjoyed it.
  I know this method is imperfect, but I cannot tell you the thrill
 it is when you first start to rub away the paper and the design
 you have chosen magically starts to appear.  I guess I am just
 hooked, but if you have been reading my blog for long, you
 figured that out a long time ago, I am sure.

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