Tuesday, February 25, 2014

There's nothing like going Au Naturel!

Hey, it's Jeff Blogging today!

OK. There's no doubt that reclaiming and painting furniture is a BIG Deal! And no one Re-Claims vintage furniture as well as the Crafty Chicks! 

But, I'm also a Big Fan of using the Natural finish!

Here's a mirror I just made from Reclaimed moldings 
and bullseyes.

 The finish is the "Original" 
Mormon Oak, or Painted Grain pine

So by Au naturel, in this case I mean Original Finish

Barnwood is also a treasure.  
Mother Nature can create a beautiful finish!

here's a close up of my barnwood Howdy sign

 This sign is made from vintage tongue and groove wood with the original 80 year old paint.

These Industrial Tables are made of wood, rough cut from a saw mill in the 1890's. The color is natural pine sealed with a polyurethane.

You can't beat the classic Chippy paint on old windows! 

Of Course, using every natural finish you find is not always practical, but don't be afraid of using some of the awesome, organic finishes you find!  

Enjoy the Re-Claiming!

We'll see you at the Rusty Ranch
38 North Main in Spanish Fork!

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