Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How to Decoupage A Bathroom Vanity

Hi, this is Debbi from Tattered Butterfly. I get asked often how do you decoupage furniture. It's pretty easy but you have to have some patience.  It great way to have unique piece furniture.

 When we were deciding what we wanted in Master Bathroom after the flood we wanted something that we would love and would be useful.  We had two vanities with sinks and hardly any counter top and no useful storage.  It was never very organized.  I had to have a vintage vanity to put on my make up so I could store all the stuff in our master which was taking up more room. Ugh!

I had found this piece below through a friend. It's a two piece hutch but we decided to use just the buffet and use the hutch top for another project.

 So this had good bones and tons of storage! 

 I found an oops Zinsser B-I-N Primer which is my favorite primer of all time. There is no bleed through of water stains.  It covers well and it sands baby smooth.   This had been tinted a taupe color. 

 2 Coats of white and then some distressing. 

 This is the fun part.  I choose this Italian wrapping paper.  You can get at Paper Source at Fashion Place Mall.

 I then coated the edge  and middle of the door with Mod Podge.  Apply a thick coat and make sure you go to the edge. 

I let the paper dry completely.  It will be a little wrinkly that is okay.  If you want a smoother look use a brayer.  This is where you can mess up the paper if it still wet.  
Be patient.  I have to walk away and work on another project.  The anticipation always kills me! 

 After drying completely start sanding with with 100-150 grit sand paper.  I like using a sanding block.  I go against the edge it seems to come of a little easier.

 I lightly sand over the wrinkles to give it a distressed look.

 I use a micro fiber to wipe down any particles.  You want to have a clean surface.

Mod Podge over the surface of the paper.  You want to have a thick even coat.  Let dry.  I sealed it with a Polyacylic.  My favorite is Varathane for floors.  It is water based and is so easy to apply.


Lots  of storage for everything.  My hubby and I get up at different times so we opted for one sink and more counter top.

 The hubs did all the plumbing and cut out of the sink.  I love that it's a statement piece of our bathroom redo.   Off to another project!

Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful,


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