Monday, January 13, 2014

Vintage Valentine Paper Weights

Well, hello again Reclaimologist friends.  Its Paula from flea.o.logy again.  This post is one I did a year ago for my blog Pollyanna-reinvents. 

I love this time of year, when its cold outside I am more likely to stay snug and stay home and just craft, and what is more fun to craft than Valentines decor.  This is a super simple project. The real trick of making Valentine Paper weights is to find the glass weights.  I am always checking the glass area of DI, and have also found some at the Dollar Store, so keep an eye out.  Of course you can always find them at Antiques stores if necessary, where they start around $10. 

How fun it is to look through a stack of vintage Valentines, and wonder about the original givers and receivers.  I always think of the decorated shoe boxes we made to receive our stashes of valentines from school friends.  The Valentines made in the 30's are always my favorites, I think they are so cheerful ... and they are often heart shaped which makes them perfect for placing in heart shaped glass paper weights.  Though since I have no desire to  cut up Valentines from my collection, I have found that its easy to find the type of old Valentines that I like on  Graphics Fairy on line which also makes it easy to print them off in the sizes I need.

Above are three paper weights with reprints of vintage Valentines.  I just use clear Tacky Glue, as glue goes on the face of each valentine to adhere it to the glass paper weights.  As you can see, you will sometimes need printed craft paper to fill the indentation in the bottom of the glass weight, which adds a colorful border to you Valentine heart.  

 I mixed the paper weights with some of my vintage collection.

 The honey comb Valentines are earlier, dating to the turn of the last century... 

... and all this vintage Valentine goodness tucked away in a corner of my parlor just makes me smile!! Happy Valentine Decorating  friends!

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