Friday, January 10, 2014

How to Hang A Vintage Cabinet

This is Debbi, from Tattered Butterfly, I wanted to show how to hang a vintage cabinet on the wall.
 I found this lovely vintage cabinet on a online site called Vintage Yard Sale Utah .  I immediately fell in love with it.  It was chippy and had soft green paint on the inside.  I originally thought I would do my entire kitchen in vintage cabinets.  Finding them became difficult and I didn't have time to wait due to our wanting to move back home as soon as possible.  The cabinet became my inspiration for how I wanted my new cabinets to look.

We ended up going to Ikea to purchase the cabinets and I picked  the Shaker style cabinets but with all the modern conveniences like soft close drawers and doors.

The cabinet is super heavy.  I asked my hubby what he could do?  I wanted to use the cabinet with it not falling on someone!  The hubs is a Journeyman Carpenter.  So glad to have his wisdom on hand.  What he came up with to was to use some scrap wood and make a cleat.

He took 3 1/2" wide piece of wood and cut down the middle on a 45 degree angle on his table saw.  Now you have a 2 piece interlocking cleat.  You can use this kind of cleat to hang doors, headboards, and shelving.

He then attached the top cleat to the cabinet and the bottom part of the cleat to the wall.     

He attached 2 cleats due to the size and how heavy it is.  Most cabinets will only need one.

Tim added a new shelf.  He is so cute if I do say so myself!  Love that guy.

I then painted the shelf the same color as the wall.  

It's up.

Lots of space for me to store vintage cookbooks and wares.

I already had this baker's table.  Pinkish coral color adds a punch.  The scale was from my grandmother.  It's from the early 1900's. 

I want to thank Cathie from Fleattitude Vintage Market who sold me this beautiful cabinet.

Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful, 

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