Friday, November 1, 2013

When is it time to "Knock Off" the "Knock Off"?

When is it time to "Knock Off" the "Knock Off"? - by Jeff

Ok, so I admit to sort of, kind of, copying something I saw on Pinterest! *Gasp*

recycleart3_danny raimond
Here's the piece of Junk Art I used as an "Inspiration" for these 3 bulls:

In defense of me, there's only about three elements that are the same, the ax head, shovel and tail. And mine are Bulls, not Deer, or Moose or whatever the original is. Right? OK and washers for eyes, four things...
Technically, I changed at least 10% from the original sculpture, but since it's on public domain, in a place where people "Pin" their work for all to see, well then, I guess I was just inspired to make something similar. I don't think Mr. Raimond will be suing me for copyright infringement! (I hope!)

Now a funny thing happened to me as I went to a couple of antique stores to get more parts.  The clerks at two different places told me of a nice older grandpa and his grandson looking for ax heads, and a rusty piece of metal that "looked like a mustache". (see my first bull picture above) 
They were trying to make a bull like the one they'd "seen on Pinterest" 
Ha!  I was getting copied too!  What's good for the goose is good for the gander!

But as much as I like these Rusted Fellers, I also think that the best ideas are the ones that come out of your own head!

I'm especially proud of these pieces, because there was no pattern here. The work totally flowed out of my twisted little brain!

On one of my most recent creatures, my wife was flabbergasted when she learned I had this spider almost half made before I knew what I would use for the legs!  But, pitchfork tines presented themselves, and the rest is arachnid history!

I must give credit where credit is due.  I have many who give me ideas. Kathy Ainge at Treasures Antiques Mall is a great source of ideas, she says she is my muse.  My best friend Kelly Peterson is an actual bonafide bronze sculptor and gives me lots of advice. And many others post things they find on the internet and encourage me to make things similar! "With a Little Help from my Friends" is more than just a Beatles tune!

Here's to Imagination! Ingenuity! and Sheer Dumb Luck!
Thanks for coming to the blog, and I hope you like Junk Art!

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  1. Is this 3 year old post still monitored? If so I'd like to share with you, my 'knocked-off' version of the bull made from rusty parts. Mine has attitude, lol. It is made of the following parts, a square shovel (body), ax head (head), hinges (ears) 8 large nuts (2 square for the snout & 6 hex, 2 for the eyes and 4 for the hooves of which I cut a portion of each nut off and used 2 of the cut-offs for the eye brows giving the bull his attitude), 4 long double threaded bolts (for the legs) and a sprinkler head for the horns and a large nail for the tail. hope to hear back something.

    1. I ended up using a long carriage bolt that I heated and bent for the tail. I then mounted it on an old car disc brake. It is in it's raw rusty form, no wire brushing or painting. How can I share a picture of it?