Friday, November 8, 2013

Picture Frame Terrarium

Hello everyone this is Terilyn with the Boutique Girls.
I made these terrariums awhile ago but they are one of my all time favorites!  I found a picture frame terrarium on  As I made my own I tweaked somethings
but I love my end result!

I started with two 8X10's two 5X7's  and four 4X6's picture frames. I bought mine at  Walmart but you can use frames from your local thrift store. 
I used 1" inch "L" bracket. I drilled a hole first then screwed the screw. Attach the 8x10 to the 5x7.  

Take the 4x6's using a flat bracket secure them together. Then use two "L" brackets at the top to make a "V" shape for the lid.
Secure the hinges too the lid and base.

This is what it should look like. You will need to cut two triangle shaped pieces of plywood for each side and for the bottom.

I used drywall paste to putty the holes and the seams of the terrarium.
on the sides of the terrarium I used this great textured wallpaper. I'am sooo excited for this product and all the  ideas running though my head!!
 I spray painted the whole thing with antique white and then put a brown glaze  over the whole terrarium. Glued the pieces of glass with a hot glue gun, Put a cute antique knob. This is the final product.     

LOVE IT !!!!

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