Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Make Your Own {VINEGAR} Stain!

Hey All! It’s Kristin D. again from Navy Bean Lane!

Have you jumped on the “vinegar stain” bandwagon yet?? I have been seeing all sorts of fun things stained with said “vinegar stain” lately and decided it was time to give it a whirl!
I chose this changing table to try it out on. It’s solid wood, sturdy and was in desperate need of a makeover so it was an easy choice.


The first step was to make some tea. I’m guessing any tea will do … I just used a cleansing Zija tea that I had on hand.

I used two tea bags to about one cup of hot water and let it brew for about 5 minutes. Once it was cool enough to handle then I wiped it over the entire dresser. (Actually I didn’t wipe down the drawers because they were being painted, but you will want to wipe down any area that you will be staining)


Once the tea has dried it is time to apply your vinegar stain. (you will want to make this 24 hours in advance by filling a glass jar with #0000 steel wool and vinegar, then putting the lid on and letting it sit for 24 hours)

***You can adjust the color of your stain by playing around with different vinegars. For this mixture I used 1/2 distilled white vinegar and 1/2 red wine vinegar.

You can see on the stir stick how it changes the color of the wood immediately. It will keep darkening over about a half an hour.


After two coats of stain the dresser had a very matte, smoky grey look to it.


But then imagine my shock when it turned this gorgeous warm brown after I spayed the poly on! It was one of those happy accidents and I was over the moon excited with the end results!



I love that you can achieve multiple looks with the vinegar stain and can’t wait to experiment with it some more! It’s perfect for giving a smoky, weathered look or a completely opposite warm, rich look just by adding a wax or poly!
I hope this gets your wheels turning … there’s got to be something laying around that you can give it a go on, right?!?
Have a Happy Hump Day!
xxoo, Kristin

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