Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving.. in all things

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As we head into this next week of Thanksgiving I am compelled to express my feelings of thanks for so many wonderful things in this world. I like so many others have had many struggles in this life, and sometimes it is really hard to find thanks, but no matter how trying and hard life gets there is always something that we can be thankful for.
For instance, after a Horrible day of fighting kids, piles of bills, and laundry, recently received bad news, life's anxiety.... nearly every evening we can find some peace in the heavenly skies.  The peaceful calm of the warm bright colors of the sunset, reassure us that we have made it through yet another day.. and bring a sense of peace to our soul.
The ever changing world, can wrap us in up in a whirlwind, and passes us by what seems to be faster and faster as the years roll on, the seasons come and the seasons go quickly and as they do I try to stop and take them all in, for we have been blessed with four seasons, each of which bring that certain feeling as they approach, spring with it's warmth, and hope of a new beginning for so many things, summer and it's memories, the hot days, the warm nights, the sound of children everywhere, fall with its cozy crispness, and scenic views, winter and the bitter cold, that brings hot chocolate, and bright lights, and the excitement of Christmas. I am so thankful for all the seasons, and that each one lasts just long enough.
 I am also so thankful for things that are available to us that are from the past, things that hold memories of people that we love and have lost, that we can restore them and make them new again, I love it when someone sees something of mine and makes a comment like "oh look that is just like Grandma's" ... I love that material things can hold memories to the past, and that we can make them new again.

I am also very thankful that I have had the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful group where I have built everlasting friendships, and knowledge that has helped me grow, and blessed my family in so many ways, The talent in this group is so incredible, the men and woman that bring such creativity, and dedication to our page to help it all work as a team is amazing. I have also had the opportunity to work with two of the MOST AMAZING woman I know.. Shannon, and Jodi,  I appreciate you more than I could ever express to you in words, these woman are so very smart, and intivative, creative, beautiful, and ever thinking about how to make this fun business successful not only for them but for the whole group, hours of selfless work go into this amazing page.
I think we should all try and be THANKFUL for at least one thing a day, not only for the month of November, but everyday of the year.... I am going to start to write down in a small notebook that will fit in my purse one thing each day that I am thankful for.. and that way when I am having a bad day, and I don't really feel like being thankful, I will have the proof right in front of me that everyday no matter how much bad or sadness we face, there is also good in the world.


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