Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bargain Christmas Wreath

This has got to be the cheapest wreath ever made. 
 The huge wreath was a find at Habitat for Humanity's Restore 
for $5 ... The great sparkly garland was $2 at DI
 (still had the original store tag for $32). The ribbon length 
was cut from a bolt I bought after Christmas last year at 
Walmart for 75% off.

The skates were a summer find at a yard sale for $3,
 the snow flakes were 6 to a package at the dollar store
 and the silhouette of the boy skating was free here at 
Graphics Fairy. The glitter was from the dollar store, 
and the spray glue was $1 at the Restore.

The greenery in the skates was cut from my yard 
and the lights were $2 after Christmas at Walmart last year,
 so when all is said and done, the wreath cost less than $15.
  Gotta love thrifting, eh?  And here it is to the left with the lights off.
   But if you lack that hunter gatherer instinct, you should have no problem
 finding the perfect wreath at ROCC* ... so be sure to take a peek!

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