Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Flea Market Finding Tips

Hey it's Jeff.  Well, so you're getting ready for the Big Fall Boutique Friday & Saturday.  You ARE going, just say yes....

Here's a few tips on Flea-Marketing or Boutique-ing, whatever you'd like to call it.

Every once and a while I like to pick up a Flea-Market type magazine at the drug store and take a peek.  A magazine like this for a reclaimologist might be like "prono for pickers". 
Hmm was that inappropriate?
Anyway, it does pour gas on my fire...

This edition had "100+ Flea marketing Tips", here's a few gems that caught my attention:

1 - Collect what you Love  
On Vintage shopping, don't be afraid to buy things that appeal to you, and also don't hesitate to try new things.  Two appraisers from Antiques Roadshow say, "trust your gut", listen to your instincts on what you think will go up in value, and collect the things you love. "because it's a lifelong thing. It may appreciate in value in your lifetime, it may not.  You may as well enjoy it while you're doing it." 

 And don't count on things that were once popular to go back up in value.  Example: Beanie Babies. They're Done. Finished. "put them in a bucket and float them out to sea", they said. Ha ha!

2 - Kids
Have a plan for small children, if you are shopping with the fam damily!  Most specifically, encourage them to "touch with their eyes", not their hands, and to ask first to handle things if the vendor says it's OK.  

A good idea is to have some activities planned, like a visual treasure hunt or some snacks to occupy the kiddos.  This will improve their experience and help reduce the stress on mom.

3 - Many Styles
There's Vintage style , Repurposed, Industrial, Shabby Chic, Architectural Salvage styles, and probably more!  The old adage  "One man's Trash is another man's Treasure" is definitely at play in every booth.  There's probably as many styles as there are vendors.  THEY produce and collect what is their passion, too!  Watch for the "theme" of a vendor's booth this week.  You may fall in love with things, and other stuff will make you scratch your head and wonder, "what the Heck?"  It's all OK!  Be respectful and realize, someone else likes what you don't like, and others may not like your style at all! 
Awesome!!                        Huh?!

4 - Have Fun! 
(Okay, I made up that category)
This is a really fun group, chat it up with the vendors you meet! They're eager to get to know you, and who knows you may just make a lifelong friend! Enjoy!

See ya Friday from 10am-8pm and Saturday 9am-6pm, at our Fall Boutique at the Food For Less building , at 784 East Chapple drive in Spanish Fork.

If you like what you see here be sure to check out our 24/7 Online Boutique Reclaim-ologists and Other Crafty Chicks!

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