Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Halloween Decor

Hi!  Alese here!  One of the contributors at Reclaim-ologists and Other Crafty Chicks and Creative Blogger and Custom Craft builder at 2 Crafty 4 My Skirt.
I absolutely LOVE to decorate for Halloween!  Even more than Christmas!  A few years ago (before I started blogging so sorry for the lack of pictures) I made some "tombstones" for our yard Halloween decorations.
We had some extra OSB from a project we had done. My husband cut out the "tombstones" for me with the scroll saw.  Then I spray painted them gray.  After that I spray painted black from far away and a very light coat.
Then I just used a foam brush and black paint to write the names on them.  We used 1x2's cut to a point and nailed on the back to stick them into the ground. ALL DONE!

This one was my favorite with the hand sticking out of the ground,  but then the neighbors dog got into our yard, and torn up the arm.  Luckily he left it in our yard.  I can only imagine how funny it would have looked for a dog to be running down the road with an arm in his mouth.  LOL

This one is one of my favorites for sure!

We built a frame out of 2x4's. I used some of my husbands old clothes.  And we just used a staple gun to hold the gloves and shirt on the pumpkins.

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