Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What will you be looking for?

This is the time of year that I LOVE LOVE LOVE! 
Boutique season, Fall and Christmas.  The smells the decor all of it they just make my heart go pitter patter!

In the fall around Utah the boutique season is at its highest.  Starting Mid september you can find a market or boutique on most any weekend around here.  

Our Fall boutique is on October 25-26th and with it coming up 
we have all been working away hoarding unique goods
 to bring to you all. 
As you know you can expect amazing reclaimed 
furniture pieces from all of us but you will also find home decor, vintage goods, antique items, rusty junque, clothing, jewelry, food, DIY classes and so much more!

With that being said I am wondering what you will be looking for?
Why are you coming to our fall boutique?
Is it for a specific piece for your home?
A girls day out?
A reason to get a babysitter?
Just to hang out with us?

Let us know we want to bring you the best boutique ever and when you show up we want to make sure you can
 find what you're looking for!
Make sure you follow our event on facebook HERE  If you like what you see here be sure to check out our 24/7 Online Boutique Reclaim-ologists and Other Crafty Chicks!

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