Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Trash to Treasure!

Hey all! It’s Kristin D. here from Navy Bean Lane. I thought I would share the transformation of an old, ugly, piece of furniture that most would trash without a second thought … because let’s be honest, a good transformation never gets old!
You may remember this beauty that I posted as an example of my work a few days ago. It is my very favorite transformation to date …

…and now you know why!
Here she is in all her “before” glory. I’m still not sure what exactly it was meant to be. My mom thinks maybe an old shoe shiners bench??

In order to turn this into a Media console, it needed a new top that went all the way across. We removed the old top and added some pine 1 x 2’s to beef it up and get it ready for the new top. I swear the kids begged to help!

Before adding the new top I did a few alternating layers of a white and gray wash on the base. (Sorry, I didn’t get any pics!)
Once the painting was done we added the top which was just pine 1X5’s capped on each end with a 1X3. To hide the screws we countersunk them and then added 1/2” wood plugs. I love the extra bit of character that they add!
We found that even after choosing the straightest boards we could find, the top was still going to need some major sanding to smooth it all out. Thank goodness for electric sanders! I sanded the crap out of that thing until it was smooooth and then it was time for a little distressing! I just used whatever I could find around the garage; a hammer (both sides), a screw, a drill bit … you get the idea.

After sanding, distressing, and staining, this is what the top looked like.
2011-01-16 013

Once the top was on and stained I felt like the base needed a little more character, so I took the electric sander to it and exposed a little of the wood underneath the white wash.
Here it is after sanding.
Then I mixed up a glaze and applied it with a cheapo brush (you know, because I am the lazy one that just likes to throw the brushes away instead of washing them out!)

Here is how it looked with the stain/glaze brushed on.

And then after wiping it back off. It’s not a huge difference, but it just adds one more layer and a little more depth.
And depth is good. No?

Here is the whole thing after sanding (but before glazing) and adding some new feet. After this step we added a small piece of trim right under the new top to cover a few gaps and finish off the look.

The final step was to seal it with Varathane polyurethane in a satin finish. LOVE that stuff!
And just because I can’t get enough … here are a few more shots of the finished product!






Happy Hump Day!


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