Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Simple Holiday Crafts

 Here's simple Halloween craft that will add some fun to your festive Halloween porch. I love Halloween I wish I could leave my Halloween decorations up most of the year. It's such a fun time and my kids love all things spooky.
This is a simple porch sign you just need a 2" by 8" cut down to what ever height your desire, this one is 48 inches. I tend to use this size of board because its heavy enough that the wind doesn't tend to tip it over.
I then just painted it black with a good ol foam brush. I love foam brushes because they don't leave any brush strokes.
 I know not everyone has access to a Cricut but there's so many ways to gets cute fonts nowadays so find what works for you. In the past I've drawn the words on or printed a font off the computer to make a stencil. If I'm going to be using the stencil a bunch of times I'll cut it out on a heavy duty stencil paper, but if not regular scrapbook paper works just fine.
 Then I just taped my stencil on...I'm really not a perfectionist, I think that the perfection is in the imperfections. So don't stress yourself out trying to make it perfect.
 Then you just paint the words white....see super SIMPLE yet it's super cute for a Halloween themed porch.
Set up a girls night and go make yourself a Trick sign.
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  1. Love that you guys make it look so easy. For someone who does not craft so much any more because of time...it reminds me that it can still get some of these projects done before the holiday or a show.