Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Monogram Wedding Gift

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Hi!  Alese here!  One of the contributors at Reclaim-ologists and Other Crafty Chicks and Creative Blogger and Custom Craft builder at 2 Crafty 4 My Skirt.

A few years back I was excited when I heard about my cousin's bridal shower, because then I had an excuse to make something!  This was one of the first signs I made and I have kind of become obsessed with making unique signs now!
Here is what I ended up making.

I started by going to a couple of craft stores to get the chipboard letters, but nobody had the "and" symbol.  So we just ended up making our own letters.
Here are the supplies I used:

1- 6 foot Pine board 1x6
1/4" MDF

2-Wood Appliques

Antique White Paint

The first thing I needed to do was trace my letters onto the 1/4" MDF.  I found a font that I liked, printed them, and then cut them out.  You can see below that I left some white space on the "&" symbol.  I didn't like how thin it was in those places, I was afraid it might break when we tried to cut it that thin, so I just left that space so when I traced it was a little thicker.

Then we cut out the letters with the Scroll Saw!  I sanded the edges down so they would be nice and smooth.

We took the 1x6 Pine board at cut it into three 2 foot pieces. Then we used Pocket Holes to attach them to one another.

I stained the pine boards with Minwax Wood Stain, Early American .  I love this color.

I painted my letters and wood appliques.  Once they were dry I glued them on with Gorilla Glue, Wood Glue.

To finish it off I rubbed a little bit of stain on the wood appliques and the letters.

I was so glad she loved how it turned out, and so did I!

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