Friday, September 27, 2013

Make a Princess Skirt for your Cake {Tutorial}

Hey all! It’s Kristin D. here from Navy Bean Lane!
Today I wanted to share with you a fun cake that I made for my little girls birthday! The best thing about this cake is that it’s super quick and easy and can be customized to go with your party!
First, you will need a cake stand. Any old cake stand will do since it will be covered with tulle (and the cake). I wanted my cake to sit up a bit higher than it would by itself so I simply found a bowl and turned it upside down. Then I took the cake stand and taped it onto the bowl with clear packing tape.

Then it’s time to attach the tulle. I used four different colors of tulle; a light and dark pink and a light and dark creamy yellow (1/2 yard of each color), so a total of 2 yards of tulle. If you want the skirt to be fuller, simply add more tulle!
Cut your tulle into about 10 inch wide strips. The length of your piece will depend on how tall your cake stand is. Just make sure it’s long enough to hang down and hide the cake stand. My initial length before folding it over was 19 inches.
Then, fold the top of your piece over but not quite in half. I folded about 1/3 of the way down. You want to make another layer of tulle without having to cut another piece. Make sense?

Then you will gather the top together with you fingers. You want your sections to be bunched together at the top … this will create the “skirt look”. If you skip this step it will just look like flat pieces of tulle hanging from your cake. No bueno!

Once you have a section gathered, you simply tape it to the top edge of your cake stand. Then start over with a new piece of tulle and keep going around the cake stand until it is full. Make sure to slightly overlap each piece to keep your skirt nice and full!

This is what the top of your cake stand will look like once you have finished taping all the tulle on. (FYI – I used strong packing tape to be sure that curious little fingers didn’t pull the skirt off while oohing and aahhing!)

Once all the tulle is taped on and secure your skirt is done! Instead of putting the cake directly on the tape and tulle, I placed a round cardboard cake plate down and then the cake on top. You can find pre cut round cake boards at Wal–mart or JoAnn’s or most party stores. Or you can do like I did and cut one out of a piece of cardboard.
After frosting the cake I finished it off with a crown a few wand candles! This is for sure up there as one of my all time favorite cakes! So cute and easy!!

I thinks it’s safe to say that it was a hit with the princess! You can’t beat that smile!

Now, go get your cake on!

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