Monday, September 16, 2013

Mom and Pop stores

I guess I'm a broken record on a couple of things: Vintage stuff, and small business.  I have been president of the Chamber of Commerce twice, once in Spanish Fork and once in Payson.  My all time favorite type of business is the Mom & Pop store.

typical "mom & pop" in front of their store

I have heard there are three things to watch for in a good business: to have it Fast, Good and Cheap!

The trouble is, you can only choose two out of three at one time.  Think about it. Can you get it Fast and Good? Sure! Will it be cheap? Fuhgetaboutit!

How about Fast and Cheap? Will it be good quality? 
Not so much!

What can a Mom & Pop store offer that a big store cannot? Well, when WalMart came to Payson, a lot of local businesses worried about what they'd do to compete.  I used the example of the Wildflower Grill.  When I went in, Carrie, the owner at the time, knew me.  She knew my name, and with that knew I would get a Regular Coke and probably a French Dip sandwich.

WalMart has a nice, old guy up front who is friendly and sweet.  But his only real concern is that I safely get a cart, fill it up, pay my bill and get out.  Every other clerk in the store mysteriously has no idea who's department I'm in, and has no better idea than I do where to find what I'm looking for!  Right?

The answer of course is Service.  The Mom & Pop store can afford to offer Service rather than carry one hundred dozen of something made in China real cheap!  

No offense to WalMart, it has it's own place in the world, but the Mom and Pop store, and many small businesses are a treasure to find, just as if you'd found a nice vintage piece of furniture.  
They're just getting a little more and more hard to find.

Now what about our little business?  Reclaimologists and Other Crafty Chicks?  We're online, many of us take credit cards and payPal and use this crazy internet for commerce.  
That's a little unusual!

But actually, technically  we're an online boutique, or and online Mom & Pop store.  You can usually talk directly to the designer, purchaser, crafter, chief, cook and bottle washer in the same one on one conversation.  The significant other spouse in the business is usually loading the truck or trailer, or navigating through various unfinished projects in the garage!

We invite you to come visit us, face to face, person to person at our Fall boutique!  Who knows? Maybe we'll even know your name!

Reclaim-ologists Fall Boutique

Thanks for stopping by the blog! Jeff

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