Thursday, September 19, 2013

Farm Birthday Cake

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When my First child turned One Year Old, of course I had to make a fabulous birthday cake right?  Right!  Well I would NEVER EVER call myself a cake decorator, but I was pretty happy with my amateur cake decorating skills.  I would have been happy to make the Ice Cream Pie I usually make for my husbands birthday or my own, but I figured I should do something special.

I needed more than one cake for the number of people we had coming, so I baked two cakes in standard 9x13 pans (I made sure to use lots of cooking spray so they would fall out of the pan easy).  When they were done I dumped them out then turned them over and put them side by side on a cookie sheet.

For the fence I was going to use popsicle sticks for the posts and tooth picks to go across.  But the day of his birthday came, I started decorating and I realized I didn't have popsicle sticks.  So I used what I did have.  Tooth picks and raffia. On the ends I tied the raffia to the toothpick and then I just wrapped it around each one in-between.  The frosting is just cream cheese frosting with food coloring, and I  used a fork to make rows in the field.

I wanted to put a barn on there but I didn't have room.  We have a toy barn that has a silo.  I took the top off the silo and was trying to figure out what I could put it on. . . I had the empty frosting container sitting on the counter still. . . Yes we have a winner!  It was the perfect size for the silo.  So I pulled off the wrapper and washed it up.  PERFECT!

There you have it an amateur Birthday cake for an Extra Special Boy!

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