Thursday, September 5, 2013

Antique Ephemera as Furniture Embellishment

This is one of the niftiest tricks I have found in a long time.  I love antique lettering, and used to play with it in art classes back in high school.  This craft takes it to a whole new level, and its a blast.

One takes an antique ephemera design and enlarges  it to the size that would be appropriate for the piece you have in mind, in this case a side table.  Then scribble on the back of the paper with pencil, and tape the design right side up.  Trace the outside of each letter/design element, and a slight tracing will be left on the furniture.

Next you outline each  letter/design element with a permanent fine tip marking pen, and fill it in with a wider tip marker or paint it in with a brush and oil base paint.  I will warn you it is time consuming, but if you've a bit of artistic ability, and don't most of us?, using the outlines you will be surprised at the credible job you can do.

I used the method on this tray that I had had for sell at the antique mall for at least five years, and sold it at my last flea.o.logy sale with its new French influence.  I have done tables, trunks and trays so far, but have in mind to try some chairs and stools. 

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