Monday, August 12, 2013

Vintage Postcards Found Their Way Home

Hi everyone it's Shannon here today!  I have been so excited about writing this post and could not wait to finally get the chance.  I hope you are prepared to be amazed!  Just kidding but seriously what I am about to share with you is pretty dang cool.

Almost a year ago I bought a bunch of vintage post cards.  I have LOVED them so much!  My family and I have read over them a dozen times and wondered about the people who wrote on them.
They went back as far as 1906 up to the late 80's.  
All of them were within the same family.  
We have found them so intriguing.  

I have used them on a few projects and to decorate with but mainly I have just sold them 
at the boutiques and markets I attend.

My dad and I had a booth at Flea.o.logy in Payson a few weeks ago.  Of course I took the postcards and a couple of my suitcases with me to sell.  I noticed a man, woman and their daughter paying extra attention to one of my suitcases.  They seemed a little bothered and excited.  I thought maybe they were just overwhelmed with my craftiness and had fallen in love with my suitcase!  

I soon realized they didn't think my suitcases were all that cool but they were very interested in the postcards.  It turns out the postcards were from extended family members of theirs!  Can you believe that?!  The postcards had been written by the mans grandmother that had past away a few years back.  
They were to his mother and other family members. 

At first they were a little upset I had these postcards because they had never seen them nor had anyone been into his grandmothers home since her passing.  I explained that I did not break into an abandoned house and that I had actually gotten them from a woman in Payson off of an online yard sale.  
The thing that got all of us was that they do not know anyone in the Payson area because they were from further north.  Not only that he really was not sure why he ended up at Flea.o.ogy that day other than he explained that he had a feeling 
he should go.  Crazy huh?! 

Chuck Bruton and his daughter Jade
So once we all figured out I didn't break into a house and steal the family post cards, Chuck did not know anyone in the Payson area and that I had modge podged their family history all over my suitcases (sorry) we all went on to finding every postcard with writing on it to get Chuck and his family as many of the postcards 
as we could that I had left. 
Seriously it gave us all chills!  
Chuck, Jade and his wife Chantell left with a couple 
dozen postcards and 2 suitcases.  

In this business you hear so many stories about memories.  Memories of an item that someone had as a child growing up.  However, I think this one actually takes the cake!  This was amazing and really put into perspective that all of these things we collect and sell have a story.  It's not very often you get to bring it all back to where it belonged in the first place.  
This was an experience I won't soon forget. 


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  1. Wow that is an amazing story!
    Thanks for sharing. :-)

  2. What a wonderful story, what are the odds that they would see those postcards just at the time you were there with them?

  3. Charming! very clever. A vintage postcard reminded us so strongly of Felicite of Flaubert's A Simple Heart, we bought it. Have a look at this lovely old postcard and lots more here