Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Project Complete

You know those projects that you've always wanted to try but have never got around to actually doing it?  Well I completed a different kind of project this past's been on my mind for a while...I have an old coffee table that I've been wanting to re-paint...not your typical paint but using chalkboard paint!  I finally hauled that table out and did it...and it turned out pretty cool if you ask me...I know my kids are loving it!

Here is the table "before"
just your basic wood coffee table

I used Rust-Oleum Chalk Board paint (for the table top) & Ultra Cover 2x in Apple Red Gloss (for the legs)

I taped off the areas where I didn't want the black to touch the red and got to work...
1.  Sanding
2.  Wipe down the sanded areas, clean the rest of the table so there is no dust or dirt
3.  Tape the areas you don't want the two paints to mingle
4.  Get to painting following directions on the can
5.  Let it dry
6.  Sand areas on the table legs & edges if you like the "distressed" look, if not, leave the paint as is
6.  Some like to coat with a wood stain, I did not in this case
7. Prepare your chalkboard surface
Did you know that you have to "prep" a chalkboard before you can write on it?  You do so by taking a piece of white chalk, laying it on it's side and going over the whole surface of the chalkboard...once it's completely covered you use an eraser to wipe down the chalkboard surface...then it's ready to have chalk written on it!  Here is the end result...

I thought this table would be a fun way to relay messages back & forth to my family...such as grocery lists, or "Hey Mom, can you pick up some more cereal?"  Or "Hey kids, ran an errand, be back at 3, love you!"  It would be a fun table for a college apartment too!  
Thanks for letting me share!  
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Happy Wednesday!

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