Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Opinions PLEASE!!!!

 Howdy Folks, it's Jamie again:) Today I am asking for your help...yes that's right I suck at decision making and I want opinions and second opinions and most likely third opinions. I love helping others make decisions for their homes but when it comes to my own, I can never decide so in the end they just don't get done.
My front door needs help, actually the whole exterior of my house needs help, but that's another whole blog in itself...being unemployed for almost 2 years really puts a damper on the non necessities of life. 
But we're back in business and ready to fix this dump up.
I've always wanted a cute bright fun front door....I don't have one, YET!!!
That's where you guys come in.... what color do I paint it???
 The exterior of my house is white siding with bluish, greyish, uglyish trim.
Also do I paint the 2 side parts that have windows?? I'm really clueless here and everything that I can think of just looks terrible in my head.
 There's so many options out there and I can't decide:(
PS.Giant side note.... to those who are in the market for buying new front doors...DON'T buy the ones with the giant windows in them. If you're a hermit like me and choose not to answer your door 93% of the time, then folks help them selves to looking in through the tiny parts that have clear glass...you find out who the real peepers are:)
 My initial thoughts were RED....my favorite color!! But then I'm worried it'll look too much like the 4th of July(which I love, don't get me wrong...just not year round)
 I love this option but I'm not thinking it goes well with the exterior colors of my house.
 Should I just go all out crazy and upset the neighbors with a bright freakin purple door?
 I'm also considering a green?? My 2nd favorite color......does green go with bluish grey trim?
SEE I need HELP!!
Leave a comment, or shoot me a message on the Reclaim-Ologists page and help a chick out!!

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  1. I vote...go for a yellow!!! I think it will make your front door (which is beautiful) pop out and draw the eye to your porch. Good luck!!!

  2. Dont paint the sides... I vote turquoise there is a house with a bright yellow door and it drives everybody in the neighborhood craaaazy think about he people around you too :-)

  3. Red would be fun and not just 4th of July - it would make Christmas and Halloween decor on your porch simple. Turquoise is quite attractive and an 'in-color' right now, but might get tedious to decorate around...
    I'm definitely leaning toward red...

  4. I'm not sure if you can follow this pin or not but I think this would be adorable...http://pinterest.com/pin/17592254766667535/

    Good luck!

  5. Red Red Red! I painted my front door red and I love it!!! A red door means "welcome". However, now that I'm getting into a bit of staging, I've learned that there are many meanings to a red front door:

    In Feng Shui, a red door symbolizes the mouth of the home. By painting our door red (or any bright colour that stands out) chi (positive energy) is drawn to the house. It is the entry point in which abundance and opportunities find us.

    The Chinese consider red to be the lucky or sacred colour. Many doors are painted with a fresh coat of red just before Chinese New Year to invite good luck and happiness.
    In Ireland, a red door is supposed to ward off ghosts and evil spirits.

  6. I love the red! It's a great pop of color.

  7. Turquoise looks best to me. It's such a cute country vintage color which it looks like you've done already with the chair and pillows. I think the red would be cute too but you'd have to tone down the other red items so its not too much.

  8. Red has been done to death, even though I do love the color red. Do something totally different - maybe a pretty green that is also a neutral and would be good with any seasonal decor. Now as to what color of green - you would have to decide that! And I think only the door should be painted. I think painting around the window and door would be too much color and detract from the actual door.

  9. I hate decisions too! Take your picture and upload it to one of those paint company sites that let you try the colors right on your pix. I can not think of which site does it but I am sure if you google it it will pop up. I did it with three rooms I painted and loved the option to "try" the colors first on line!

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