Friday, August 30, 2013

It's in the Air....

 Fall.....I know it's only August 30th....but to me its the eve of the eve of Fall. September signifies the start of Fall in my book. Maybe its because I was born on Thanksgiving and I'm part turkey or something, or maybe it's because my favorite colors are reds, yellows and oranges.
 or maybe it's because I've been mass producing Autumn signs, and Fall decorations for my house.

 Maybe its because I'm a redneck now(by marriage) and it means it's the start of all the hunts and I get to go enjoy God's Country with my family.

All of these are the reasons why this season has ALWAYS been my favorite!! Autumn leaves, dirt roads, hot beverages, sweater (make that a hoodie for me) weather, yummy fall treats, family really doesn't get much better than that in my opinion.

Growing up my Mom didn't decorate much for the holidays, I remember one ceramic ghost that had eyes that would light up red that she would put on the entry table. For Thanksgiving she would make festive nut cups for each guest...but that was pretty much the extent of the festivities at our house, (I think I over compensate for that now lol) so I enjoyed the neighborhoods festive displays always hoping someday I would have fun decorations at my house when I grew up.
One of my neighbors always went the extra mile and would put a squashed witch on the telephone pole near my house. I LOVED it!!! I wanted something similar to remind me of those memories so I made something kinda like it for my own front door. Maybe someday my kids will have fond memories of our squashed witch and this awesome time of year.
 Wanna know the best part about Fall?? We're having another boutique...get excited!!
October 25-26, 2013 in Spanish Fork, Utah.
Be sure to check us out on Facebook for all the details.
 Whether you're ready for it or not Fall is coming....soon!!
Go do something crafty and enjoy this beautiful time of year.
Yay for Friday and Happy Fall Ya'll !!!

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