Friday, August 23, 2013

How to Reclaim Old Brass

Hello all!  This is Kristin K.  Just recently I acquired some old brass lamps and knick knacks.  Some were from my grandmother and others I had purchased from thrift stores and yard sales.  They were kinda ugly and I knew I could figure out something cool to do with them. 
First, I taped off the cords and switches on the lamps.  I wrapped the cords up in a bag and then taped around them. 

 I then primed them with my super favoritist primer in the world.

I decided I wanted some bold colors, so I chose cherry tomato, jargon jade, and a golden yellow.  I sprayed on two layers of paint.

I wanted the lines and details of the lamps and trinkets to pop, so I added a dark walnut stain.  

I applied a wax protective finish and here is the end result.  My favorite is the red lamp!  
So now that you can see what your grandmother's old brass can become, don't donate it to a thrift store or sell it at a garage sale!
Reclaim it and Enjoy it!!
~Kristin K.
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