Thursday, August 29, 2013

Flagstone Fireplace Redo

Hi it's Debbi from Tattered Butterfly.  Here is a a redo of 1983 fireplace.  I finally did it!  I have wanted to redo this ugly fireplace for years now.  We've lived in this home for 12 years.  I embraced the fireplace by painting the wall a burnt orange for awhile.  It was looked great, but at Christmas time seeing my Christmas tree made me cringe.

  I have to admit it was super easy and the results far out way the time I put into it. 

Our house was built in 1983 and this fireplace screams that era.

Step One:  Wipe down the fireplace with soap and warm water.

Step Two:  Use painter's tape around the edges of the fireplace

Step Three:  Paint 2 coats of Zinsser B-I-N (This is shellac base primer that helps seal's the porous flagstone) Let Cure for 3-5 Days

Step Four:  1 Coat of Valspar One Coat Gloss White Paint

This is 2 coats of  Zinsser B-I-N  Primer

Looking a lot better but has a creamy color and that will not do!

Tada!  I love the fresh clean lines.  I painted the metal butterflies white to give a modern look without being too cheesy.  Butterflies have a special meaning to me and helps me remember that we can always reinvent ourselves.  Fresh roses from my garden add a pop of color.

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