Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Antique Dresser Turned Vanity

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Hey!!  Im Sausha from Sweet Pickins showing how  to easily transform any dresser into a vanity for the bathroom!  We did this a few months back in our basement bathroom that we have recently finished.
Something i knew that i wanted in there right from the start was an old dresser to be turned into the bathroom vanity.  Ive always loved that look and its so simple to do.  It gives the room so much more character than a “normal” bathroom cabinet.  I would love, love, love to change out all of our bathroom cabinets with an old dresser.
1st thing to do is to purchase your sink.  I really wanted a bowl type sink to sit on top of the vanity, but it would have been a little too tall.  But i found this drop in sink @ Home Depot and i really liked the detailing and it was cheap – like $70 cheap.
Sinks come with a template so you can get a perfect circle – all you need to do is cut out the template, and then measure your counter top to get everything lined up perfect.  Then you could either trace the circle with marker or chalk or tape it on and cut around the template.
Then just cut the circle with a jigsaw.  You will need to drill a hole somewhere inside the circle so you will have a place to start the jigsaw blade.  You can just use a large drill bit or hole bit.
I dont have pics of the next step, but after you have dry fit your sink to make sure everything fits, put a little bit of silicone or plumbers putty around the edge and then set your sink.
Install your faucet and then hook up all the plumbing.  We cut out a small square in the back of the dresser so that we can easily access the plumbing.
Depending on how deep your drawers are, you may have to remove some of the guts of the dresser.  In our case, we had to make the top two and the middle drawers just false drawers.  The bottom drawer is a full drawer.
If you have enough room, you can make your drawers still work by removing the back part of the drawer and moving it up just to make a shallow drawer.  In our case, we didn’t have enough room so we just had to make false drawers.
Lastly, you just need to caulk around your sink, which i haven’t done yet.  And that’s it!  Easy as pie.
How much better does this look than your typical builder style of vanity!!  

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