Tuesday, July 9, 2013

You've Got Mail.

 Howdy Folks, It's Jamie again. I've always loved mailboxes, always wanted a fun one shaped like a fish or something random like that to spice up the Mail Mans day...but then I moved to a town that doesn't even use Mailboxes....total let down! P.O Boxes are kinda hard to decorate and there's probably some law against defacing federal property.
So I found this beauty the other day, can't go wrong with a $5 mailbox. I decided to spiff her up and make her look pretty to set on my porch or in my flower bed.
 I made up a batch of homemade chalk paint, didn't have spray paint on hand...though it probably would have been easier. I'm all about using what I already have. Then I scrounged up the last of my son's 4th of July parade candy and got to painting.
My Husband works graveyards, so what do I do? I stay up all night eating my children's candy and painting random objects.
 I have dreams of my boys leaving cute little notes and treasures in it....but in reality it'll end up full of dirt and rocks and hopefully only small varmints and bugs.
 For now it sits on my porch waiting for its first letter.
Do something crafty this week, it's fun and addicting:)

PS...Do you see my new stool it's sitting on?? I'm in love!! 

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