Thursday, July 25, 2013

Work w/what you got!! Before & After

Hey everyone!  Im Sausha @ Sweet Pickins and back to show you another before & after.

A while back I got this black hutch.  I didn’t really pay too much attention to the condition apparently (cuz it was in pretty bad shape!!) So when someone decided they wanted to buy this cute little hutch, I started to get it ready for paint and it was a mess!!
Seriously – this thing had at least 10 different paint colors over the years and someone even at one point decided that they should just paint over stickers that their kids probably stuck on the hutch.  uh huh, they did.
I decided to trash the top part and just work with the bottom (the top was made from mostly MDF and wasnt the most sturdy, in my opinion it was beyond salvageable and the time that it would have taken to make it worth selling wouldnt be economical for me.)  I had been wanting to paint something red for a while now, and this was the perfect piece. 
I gave the dresser a good sanding, just to get off all the peeling paint.  But – it wasn’t perfect.  There was still lots of texture – so I just decided to work with it.  This would be just the right piece to heavily distress and glaze – it needed to look old and worn – and it did in the end :)
Here you can see the many layers of paint.  One thing that made me decide to keep it instead of just trashing it, was that someone once loved this dresser enough to keep on updating it with paint. 
I painted it a color very similar to Antique Red by SW (SW 7587).  Heavily distressed using cabinet scrapers, my favorite distressing tool.  Then I glazed it with an ebony stain. 
Here it is all covered in stain.  I did one drawer at a time, let it sit for a minute after I brushed on the stain and then just wiped it off.
Here you can see the difference the stain makes.  It tones down the red and the stain sets in all the little cracks and imperfections.
Then, just I just clear coated it to protect all that chippy goodness and painted chalkboard on some old wooden knobs – just for fun.   This would be a great piece for a playroom or a kids room. 
And there ya have it.  Sometimes its best just to work with what the trash man gave ya.  Every piece of furniture is different with all of its flaws and imperfections – but that’s what gives it the character that we love.  Not every piece needs to be perfect – just work with what you got :)

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  1. I just have to say, you ARE a magician!!

  2. Wow.... Since the paint sprayer are very much small in size, you can move them frequently.