Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Utah: Have you experienced its beauty?

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Living here in Utah we are SURROUNDED by such awesome beauty.. we have the aromatic mountains, and scenic valley's, recreational lakes, flowing fish filled rivers, scenic waterfalls, lush forests, to the extreme opposite of the gorgeous and majestic red rock canyons, and desserts of southern Utah..
How many of us actually take advantage of what is right here waiting for us to explore?
I have always had such good intentions of exploring the state with my cute kids, I have been pretty good at trying to show them new things but we have not seen nearly as many adventures as I have hoped... but we are working on that...
I am sure everyone has heard sundance  ...
It is such a fun little place about half way up Provo canyon, they have great amenities throughout the year, and one thing that I had always wanted to participate in only happens two nights out of the month.. it happens only on the nights of the full moon... the moonlight ride, where you are whisked away aboard the ski lift up up up the mountain in the cool, crisp, fragrant, mountain air with only the moonlight to light up your surroundings, doesn't that sound exhilarating?
So last night I made that a reality, I packed up my kids and we headed for the mountains...
I have to say I was really excited..
We got there right as the sunset was beginning to present it's gorgeous colors across the sky, sunsets are my absolute favorite, and with the silhouette of the tall mountain trees it is exquisite.
We enjoyed the color explosion in the sky before we headed on over and got in line to buy our tickets for our moonlight ride
Anxiously the kids and I anticipated the ski lift with a little hop we were off .. headed up the dark and mysterious mountain... It was so fun, my kids were so carefree and were having so much fun, unfortunately for us the moon was behind the clouds but we didn't let it ruin our memory.
I would highly recommend this for anyone and their families to enjoy.
it was a night that we will not soon forget.
As for me I am in the process of planning our next great adventure.. stay tuned!!
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  1. I live in Ontario, Canada and have visited (by car) probably 40 of your states. My favourite one is Utah... just breathtakingly beautiful!