Monday, July 29, 2013

Under Construction

 Howdy folks! Jamie again:) It always seems like my own house is the last one to ever get fixed up and made all pretty. Kinda goes along with that old saying....The Shoemakers children always go barefoot. We're so busy make fun things for everyone else that our own "To Do" Lists kinda get brushed aside. Recently we tried remodeling our ourselves. It was crazy, our house was built in 1920 and the people who owned it before never would fix a problem they would just cover it up with a false ceiling or hideous wood paneling, or pink and blue fiesta ole' wallpaper(think Taco Bell dining room in the early 80's). We were young and stupid when we bought this house but now we're stuck with it for awhile so we're making the best of it. Anyways, It never had a pantry. How does anyone survive without a pantry? We have 3 kids under 3 and you basically need to buy stock in goldfish crackers when you're in a situation like ours....and I needed somewhere to put all that. 
On the other side of this wall is my laundry hall...I wouldn't really call it a room, so its my laundry hall. It has a huge cabinet over the washer that was like 4 feet deep. You couldn't reach that far into it with the washer being right there, so that wasted space was driving me nuts!! In a house as small as mine every spare inch counts.
So we decided to utilize that wasted space and turn it into my pantry.
The process was absolutely HORRIBLE!!! Wood paneling that had crumbling plaster behind it, was not fun to deal with. Amid all this chaos the lovely "false" ceiling the previous owners had done collapsed:( So our little 2 week project turned into a very long messy process. 
I believe the cabinet space used to be an old window before they built onto the house so the frame work for the pantry was already in place, making things much easier once we got all that plaster down.
 To make a long story much shorter, my awesome husband did most of the hard work and I yelled out orders, that's how it works at our house:) We tried to give it a barn door like feeling and I absolutely love how they turned out. And there's plenty of room for all those crackers.
 My house is still very much a GIANT project but we're getting there. There's plans in place for a bathroom remodel and 2 bedrooms still need updating. It's a small house but it still seems like the never ending story of remodeling. I'm buying paint for my bathroom next week can't wait!

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  1. That’s quite a surprise the old owners left you. At least it fell off while you were fixing things in the first place, rather than becoming a separate project altogether.