Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Going BOLD with . . . Car Paint!

Hey guys! It’s Kristin D. here from the Northern Page and blogger over at Navy Bean Lane.

Have you ever wanted an extremely durable piece of furniture? Do you have a love of all things lacquer? Or maybe you are like me with three very rowdy little boys and just need THEIR furniture to withstand the test of time??? Yes? Then you are at the right place! (Do I sound like a car salesman yet? Ha!). Believe it or not, car paint will give you the most awesome, durable, wipe-able and smooth, shiny finish. And bonus, you have the choice of EVRY SINGE SHADE of orange or whatever color you love. No joke. I literally had over 200 orange paint chips to choose from! Talk about a color overload!

This is one of two bright orange dressers that my husband (car painter for 15+ years by trade!) painted for our little boys room! Swoon!

Here’s the dresser in all of it’s glory before the little makeover!

And after. I absolutely love the shiny lacquer-esk … dare I say “modern” vibe that it gives off!

The old handles pop now after a coat of bright white car paint!

And some new knobs with a touch of navy tied everything together with their navy walls and curtains.

We have had the dresser in my boys’ room for close to two years now and they are still going strong. I love that they can be sprayed and wiped down to no avail!

If you love this look, and can’t live without it, we would love to help you achieve it! You can contact me through our Reclaimologists Facebook page, or at Navy Bean Lane!
I hope everyone is enjoying the last day of July … I can’t believe it’s already over!


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