Thursday, July 18, 2013

General store to the Antique store

from the General Store-to the Antique Store

Hey kids, it's Jeff.

Growing up one of my favorite places to hang out was the old 
Lake Shore store, on the highway that runs from Springville to Payson.  You could find everything in there it seemed, walking on creaky old wood floors, getting penny candy, fresh produce, fishing tackle, hardware, or gas at the pump. I loved the old chest type bottle drink machine where you had to weave the bottles back and forth through a maze to get your selection: 
Grape Nehi or Orange Crush!
A typical General Store

The spirit of the old country store is a big part or what we do at Reclaim-ologists and OCC. We carry a little bit of everything,  rolled up in memories and nostalgia, but very repurposed, useable and fun!
Shopping at a the general store

My favorite places to "pick" and find treasures is in antique stores, and I'm going to list a few that are on my regular routine.  

The Old Store in Levan is a bit of a drive for most of us, but Shauna has a great variety of vintage items and antiques. 

Most antique stores have a personality, that mirrors the character of the proprietor, and The Old Store, has a definite farm and ranch flavor.

Our own Larry Ray is the owner of Picker's Paradise 
on North Main street in Nephi.  

He has TONS of vintage finds. Larry's store has a great flea market feel.

In Santaquin there is a house that has a perpetual Yard Art yard sale at at about 100 North and 200 West.  

The owner's name is Bob Warenski. He's quite a colorful guy and his passion is searching old mines and and ghost towns in the desert.  

Bob's place
Ring the bell at the house on the corner and he'll be glad to show you around the yard and in his sheds full of treasures

Lucky's Barbershop is a relatively new place to browse, 
about 75 West Utah Avenue in Payson. 
A great little spot for Mantiques!

Everybody Loves Confetti Antiques and Books on Main Street in Spanish Fork they have lots of new and used books, beautiful antique furniture, signage and even a bathtub full of 
vintage buttons!  

inside Confetti

Paula Perkins and I are dealers at Treasures Antique Mall in Springville, with two stores on their campus full of antique and vintage pieces from dozens of vendors in a consignment mall setting.  

rows and rows of treasures

Every booth reflects the tastes of the individual dealers.  Plan on spending some time, though to browse through thousands of items on display!

a seasonal themed display

Star Mill antiques

I think the Star Mill in American Fork at 100 East and 600 North is a gold mine for really cool stuff. But their hours of operation are kind of erratic. As you can see, they won't be open for a few weeks. Mark the date, Aug 3rd!

A few last antique shopping tips: 

Be patient. You WILL find some things that you will think are over-priced, but you're likely to find some real bargains too. You know what they say; one man's trash is another man's treasure.

 Be considerate to the dealers. After you have asked for the price, a little silent pause has a greater impact than an editorial about how you think the price is too high!

Don't be afraid to ask questions. All these things have a history, and that's part of the fun, knowing the story of the item you're buying! Most dealers love to talk about what they have for sale.

When you travel, keep an eye out for antique shops all over Utah. Many stores have a free copy of  "The Collector", an antique newsletter that lists places throughout Utah, and events like 
shows and flea markets.

Have fun! Thanks for checking in to the blog! And, Happy hunting!

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  1. Awesome post Jeff, so much info in one spot ... thanks for sharing.

  2. Generally speaking, any piece of furniture or other decorative object can be called an antique if it was produced in a prior anthropological period and is valuable because of its beauty or rarity antiques trade.