Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Going BOLD with . . . Car Paint!

Hey guys! It’s Kristin D. here from the Northern Page and blogger over at Navy Bean Lane.

Have you ever wanted an extremely durable piece of furniture? Do you have a love of all things lacquer? Or maybe you are like me with three very rowdy little boys and just need THEIR furniture to withstand the test of time??? Yes? Then you are at the right place! (Do I sound like a car salesman yet? Ha!). Believe it or not, car paint will give you the most awesome, durable, wipe-able and smooth, shiny finish. And bonus, you have the choice of EVRY SINGE SHADE of orange or whatever color you love. No joke. I literally had over 200 orange paint chips to choose from! Talk about a color overload!

This is one of two bright orange dressers that my husband (car painter for 15+ years by trade!) painted for our little boys room! Swoon!

Here’s the dresser in all of it’s glory before the little makeover!

And after. I absolutely love the shiny lacquer-esk … dare I say “modern” vibe that it gives off!

The old handles pop now after a coat of bright white car paint!

And some new knobs with a touch of navy tied everything together with their navy walls and curtains.

We have had the dresser in my boys’ room for close to two years now and they are still going strong. I love that they can be sprayed and wiped down to no avail!

If you love this look, and can’t live without it, we would love to help you achieve it! You can contact me through our Reclaimologists Facebook page, or at Navy Bean Lane!
I hope everyone is enjoying the last day of July … I can’t believe it’s already over!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Shoes???

Hi Terilyn from the "Boutique Girls."

 Today's post is actually funny and very TRUE story.....

 My youngest daughter Kenadie is training for the High School Soccer team and has to be on the soccer field by 7 am.

We were walking (running) out of the house at 6:30 in the morning and I asked her "do these shoes match my outfit?" She quickly said "Yes!!" As we are driving I looked down and my shoes definitely DID NOT match!! I asked her again..."These shoes don't match my outfit do they?" She said "No....but I didn't want you to go change or I would have been late!" and then she laughed!
Being 30 minutes away from home and on my way to work after dropping her off at the soccer field. A brilliant idea came to my mind......VINYL SPRAY PAINT!!

Yes I said Vinyl Spray paint!! 

So I was off to the nearest auto parts store.
Picked up a can of black vinyl spray paint and back to my work parking lot. 
I took my silver shoes off and put them on the grass parking strip and started spraying..... a few seconds later.... 

 Mama's got a new pair of shoes!! (and match her outfit)

Oh the possibilities!!! So next time you see a pair of shoes on a clearance rack that are a ugly color but cute style....get them and spray paint them!!! 

This stuff is awesome!! 

 My next project is this purse!


Have fun and happy spraying!!


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Monday, July 29, 2013

Under Construction

 Howdy folks! Jamie again:) It always seems like my own house is the last one to ever get fixed up and made all pretty. Kinda goes along with that old saying....The Shoemakers children always go barefoot. We're so busy make fun things for everyone else that our own "To Do" Lists kinda get brushed aside. Recently we tried remodeling our ourselves. It was crazy, our house was built in 1920 and the people who owned it before never would fix a problem they would just cover it up with a false ceiling or hideous wood paneling, or pink and blue fiesta ole' wallpaper(think Taco Bell dining room in the early 80's). We were young and stupid when we bought this house but now we're stuck with it for awhile so we're making the best of it. Anyways, It never had a pantry. How does anyone survive without a pantry? We have 3 kids under 3 and you basically need to buy stock in goldfish crackers when you're in a situation like ours....and I needed somewhere to put all that. 
On the other side of this wall is my laundry hall...I wouldn't really call it a room, so its my laundry hall. It has a huge cabinet over the washer that was like 4 feet deep. You couldn't reach that far into it with the washer being right there, so that wasted space was driving me nuts!! In a house as small as mine every spare inch counts.
So we decided to utilize that wasted space and turn it into my pantry.
The process was absolutely HORRIBLE!!! Wood paneling that had crumbling plaster behind it, was not fun to deal with. Amid all this chaos the lovely "false" ceiling the previous owners had done collapsed:( So our little 2 week project turned into a very long messy process. 
I believe the cabinet space used to be an old window before they built onto the house so the frame work for the pantry was already in place, making things much easier once we got all that plaster down.
 To make a long story much shorter, my awesome husband did most of the hard work and I yelled out orders, that's how it works at our house:) We tried to give it a barn door like feeling and I absolutely love how they turned out. And there's plenty of room for all those crackers.
 My house is still very much a GIANT project but we're getting there. There's plans in place for a bathroom remodel and 2 bedrooms still need updating. It's a small house but it still seems like the never ending story of remodeling. I'm buying paint for my bathroom next week can't wait!

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Reclaimologists at flea.o.logy in Payson!

Hi Reclaimologist friends ... this is Paula, the flea.o.logist.  My partner Nell and I just hosted our flea market, last Saturday, along with 32 other amazing antique and vintage dealers. I just thought I would share some of the fun with you!

Isn't this Lemonade door adorable?

My flea business partner, and daughter-in-law, Nell, always sells lots of these cute animal jars!

 How fun is this basket woven light fixture?

 We have always have painted treasures and rusty goodies as well, and pretty much everything in between.

This sale, we had lots of great metal junk compliments of Larry, who is the owner of Pickers Paradise in Nephi, boy does he have the selection... always worth the trip south to stock up! I am sure you know he is a Reclaimologist as well!

 Of course, I am a lover of pennant banners, and treated myself to one of these lovelies.

 I thought these nesting chevron tables were adorable!!  Shannon also had stacks and stacks of cool metal drawers ... she always finds the coolest stuff!

I love the fun ticket tags!!  I even found a darling old bride and groom wedding cake topper in this booth for just $4, a real keeper! 

 Ever seen a star made of horse shoes ... pretty impressive eh?

 Loved this clock table, how charming.

Look at all the people having fun!!

By the way, the dealer with the cute shabby cashier's apron to the right is having a barn sale today and tomorrow.

Its at 12260 S. Pasture Road (4000 W) in Riverton .... don't miss it, I won't! Its starts at 7:00 A.M, now that's a farm girl for you!

Oh, and did I mention that we had funnel cakes? as well as our home made twix bars .... yummy!

Well, a couple of parting shots, above is my booth ... to the left is one of the dealers,  loading out .... yes, there were lots of Beverly Hill Billy jokes.

Hurrah ... now I can start projects for the next and last flea.o.logy of the year on August 31st!  You can also sign up to follow us on Facebook, for updates and contests!

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Work w/what you got!! Before & After

Hey everyone!  Im Sausha @ Sweet Pickins and back to show you another before & after.

A while back I got this black hutch.  I didn’t really pay too much attention to the condition apparently (cuz it was in pretty bad shape!!) So when someone decided they wanted to buy this cute little hutch, I started to get it ready for paint and it was a mess!!
Seriously – this thing had at least 10 different paint colors over the years and someone even at one point decided that they should just paint over stickers that their kids probably stuck on the hutch.  uh huh, they did.
I decided to trash the top part and just work with the bottom (the top was made from mostly MDF and wasnt the most sturdy, in my opinion it was beyond salvageable and the time that it would have taken to make it worth selling wouldnt be economical for me.)  I had been wanting to paint something red for a while now, and this was the perfect piece. 
I gave the dresser a good sanding, just to get off all the peeling paint.  But – it wasn’t perfect.  There was still lots of texture – so I just decided to work with it.  This would be just the right piece to heavily distress and glaze – it needed to look old and worn – and it did in the end :)
Here you can see the many layers of paint.  One thing that made me decide to keep it instead of just trashing it, was that someone once loved this dresser enough to keep on updating it with paint. 
I painted it a color very similar to Antique Red by SW (SW 7587).  Heavily distressed using cabinet scrapers, my favorite distressing tool.  Then I glazed it with an ebony stain. 
Here it is all covered in stain.  I did one drawer at a time, let it sit for a minute after I brushed on the stain and then just wiped it off.
Here you can see the difference the stain makes.  It tones down the red and the stain sets in all the little cracks and imperfections.
Then, just I just clear coated it to protect all that chippy goodness and painted chalkboard on some old wooden knobs – just for fun.   This would be a great piece for a playroom or a kids room. 
And there ya have it.  Sometimes its best just to work with what the trash man gave ya.  Every piece of furniture is different with all of its flaws and imperfections – but that’s what gives it the character that we love.  Not every piece needs to be perfect – just work with what you got :)

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