Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summa Summa Summer Time....

One of my favorite tunes when I was younger was Dee Jay Jazzy Jeff (aka: Will Smith) singing "Summertime"  we used to "cruise" around with this song blasting from our car...real cool, huh? 

Summertime by Will Smith 
(click to listen)

Summertime has changed a lot since those days...that song can still bring back those old memories but the things I enjoy now are so much different...still good, just different...thought I'd put together my favorites for summertime...what are yours?

1. Backyard Camping

oh yes...set up the tent for some backyard close by & when the kids fall asleep you can sneak back into your own bed...

2. Rides in the back of a truck

remember how fun that was and how cool you felt?  Wind blowing in your hair and NO seat belts...felt a bit like we were breaking the law...we probably were...take your kids on a ride in the back of your truck...don't have one?  Borrow mine...

3.  Buy Ice Cream from the Ice Cream Man

go ahead.  i know, i know, ice cream trucks aren't the same as they used to be, but take a chance...take your kids, your grand kids, your nieces, your nephews and run outside when you hear the music playing...treat them to ice cream from "the ice cream man" 

4. Run through the sprinklers

do it.  i dare you.  running through the sprinklers is SO much fun & give your kids the shock of their lives by putting your phone down and running through with them!

5.  Hit up some good yard sales

one of my FAVORITE summer activities...getting up early on Saturdays and going on "the hunt" for treasures....early bird gets the worm and all that something you've never done before...ask them if they'll take less for an item....

6.  Curl up with a good magazine

this was one of my favorites growing favorites now are Country Living, Vintage Flea Market Style & Do It Yourself Magazines...wonder what advice Seventeen would have for me now...?

7.  Have a BBQ

...go ahead, invite those neighbors over you've been meaning to hang out with all year...enjoy the heat and the smell of meat cooking...bring our your "good" dishes & make s'mores...

8.  Naps

don't forget to take some quiet time for yourself...away from kids, in nature preferably, just a little bit of quiet time to enjoy these summer days just like we used to...

9.  Last but not least...SHOP!

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