Tuesday, June 11, 2013


 I've been trying not to cook in this heat, but it has its perks as well...paint sure dries faster when its 94 degrees outside, and it's also one of the best times of year for us Pickers!! I know it's my favorite time for sure...yard sales, and people spring cleaning just means more fun things for me to find.
I live in a small town and they have this awesome spring cleaning day where everyone brings all their crap out to the curb and the city hauls it away for you. It helps the town maintain a beautiful appearance, and I get to dig for fun stuff for FREE!!
It does defeat the purpose of spring cleaning if you just bring home stuff from everyone else, but its an addiction...admitting it is the first step right?

To most folks these wood pieces look like garbage, not much longer than 20 inches and definitely weathered and worn. I see so much potential in things like this I can't help but bring them home.
Drill some holes, add some awesome knobs from Hobby Lobby, and fun chevron ribbon and you got yourself a cool hanger for all your jewelry or little girls hair bows.
I didn't even sand mine, that's how much I love weathered wood. So much character!
Another throw away....old picket fence. How fun is that?? So many possibilities with things like this.
One man's garbage is definitely a treasure to this girl!
I cut them into pieces added a Cute little Welcome sign and threw it in my flower bed. 
It's fun to recycle and bring new life to this "garbage". Use your imagination and find unique things to upcycle and reuse in a fun new way.

 Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

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