Thursday, June 6, 2013

Literary Directional Sign Boards!

Hi all, this is Paula the  flea.o.logist and  newest member of the Reclaim-ologist team.

I wanted to share a project that I did for my garden last year.  I had just built a cottage of old windows with my husband and we had named it Chawton Cottage, the name of the last home of Jane Austen, my favorite author.

I wanted to include the names of places from favorite books.  You may recognize some of them.

I used different methods to make the sign boards appear to be of various origins.  Rivendell was printed off, cut out and decoupaged, (then sealed with about 18 coats of spray varnish).  Wonderland is stenciled, Pemberly is stamped,

the Emerald City, Narnia and Whoville are hand lettered. 
Gathering the odd boards, with old paint wasn't too hard since I am an antique dealer who is always tucking away interesting bits for 'someday' ... well last August someday finally came. I think slats from old pallets would be perfectly pre-aged!

Since all of the Reclaim-ologists and Other Crafty Chicks have decided to have a special sale featuring Garden and Americana items on June 12th, I am going to make another of these great directional signs to sell at that event!!

Of course I want to include everyone's favorite references, so if you have ideas for places from your favorite books that I have not included, please add them in comments below.

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