Monday, June 24, 2013

How To Cut Glass And This Weeks Giveaway!

Cutting Glass-Just as easy as Cutting Class!

ok, It's Jeff. Be brave little ones! I'm going to teach you simple glass cutting!  Remind yourself, if Jeff can do it, anyone can!

Safety note: Glass is SHARP! Be careful! You may want to use some gloves with this project that are resistant to cuts, but thin enough to be flexible!  

You're going to need some scraps of glass to practice on.  Check out D I in the section with all the broken picture frames, or old windows at yard sales, Re-Store etc.  Do something small to begin with, like 12 x 12 or smaller, and get thin glass too, either 1/16-1/8", thicker glass is more tricky!

Please note: anything with a logo on it is tempered glass, and cannot be cut!! Avoid doors and anything you suspect to be tempered glass.

tempered glass logo

Fletcher cutter-left, professional cutters-right
Next a glass cutter.  Most hardware stores will have you a good ole Fletcher or Red Devil glass cutter in the D I Y section.  You will also need a straight edge, like a yard stick or ruler.

It's very important that the wheel on your cutter rolls smooootly!  Professional glass cutters have a hollow barrel filled with oil for this purpose.  Some 3&1 oil on the wheel will do fine, or a shot of 

oiling the wheel
arrow mark

marking the cut

Next, mark where you want to cut. Determine the most straight and square edge and mark from that edge. Use this arrow shaped mark. 

Make two marks with a china marker or Sharpie on the top and bottom to guide your cut.

Lay your straight edge over the glass and use your cutter wheel to mark where the center line will be on the cut. Hold the cutting wheel over your marks just to line it up. 

There are two methods to holding the cutter, either between the 1st & 2nd fingers, or between the index and thumb, as shown 
between thumb and finger

between two fingers

Glass "cutting" is actually glass "scoring" on the top side and then "breaking" it in a straight line from the bottom side.  

Critical to a good "cut" is a steady line on the surface of the glass. LISTEN to the cutter score the glass, if there are any skips to the sound the scratching cutter makes, then you're not pressing hard enough.  If, when you score the glass and the line pops like rice crispies, then you're pressing too hard. 

NEVER score the glass more than once.  If you feel you have botched the cut, turn the glass over and score the other side in the exact same line.

The next step is the break. Tap the score from the underside with the ball end of the cutter. This will start a "run", the beginning of a break.  Always remember the pressure from the underside is what makes the break.  Sometimes the tap will run the entire break, and that's ok!

tapping the score

With the run started, grab the glass with your fingers on either side of the score, and break it along the line, with the two sides away from each other, like you would break a saltine cracker at the perforation.

the run

the break

Voila! you've Cut some glass!!

Don't be worried that it all didn't work the first time, it takes practice, practice practice! (that's why we start with scraps!)

I hope this has been useful  and that you didn't need to employ first aid!  If you have additional questions, you can message me, 
Jeff Carter at Reclaimologists and Other Crafty Chicks, or at my Carter's Glass facebook page.

or Rusty Ranch

We are super excited and ready to start another 

GIVE AWAY this week....
2 cute frames, one 8x10 and one 4x6

Our giveaway this week is from Tristan.  

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Good luck!


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  2. Oh what a cute giveaway! Thanks for the glass cutting tips, I need to give it a try!

  3. Glass cutting sounds simple once you have all your tools and some practice under your belt. Thanks for the tips!

  4. Such a cute giveaway! I love reading your blog, you always have such awesome craft ideas and tips!

  5. I have always wondered how to cut glass! Im going to try this out this week. Thanks for the tips! Love the giveaway too ;)

  6. I have always wondered how to cut glass! Im going to try this out this week. Thanks for the tips! Love the giveaway too ;)

  7. Thanks SO much! This was a great refresher course for me. I learned back in my school days but that was WELL over 20 years ago!!!
    Cute giveaways...TOTALLY sharring & pinning :)

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